Fredonia No. 2

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LeMars Sentinel, January 24, 1895

Fredonia: On account of her sickness, Miss Mina Darville gave up her school in
district No. 2 last Tuesday and Miss Bertha Becker, of Seney, has taken
her place.

Seney: Miss Mina Darville, teacher of sub-district No. 2, Fredonia township,
has suddenly given up her school, and Bertha Becker has taken possession
of the school.  As it is her first term, we wish her success.

LeMars Sentinel, May 23, 1930

The mothers of District No. 2, Fredonia Township, were honored guests at a
Mother's Day party given in their school Friday afternoon. Part of the
entertainment consisted of an exhibit of dollhouses made by the girls and
birdhouses made by the boys. These are to be judged by the parents at the
annual school picnic. Prizes will be given by the teacher, Mrs. Freda

LeMars Sentinel
September 18, 1945

FREDONIA:  (Special Correspondence)      
Dorothy Bogh started teaching the Mortensen school Monday in District No. 2.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Jan. 5, 1951

FREDONIA: (Special Correspondence)

A school party was given Friday afternoon in the district No. 2 for the mothers. Mrs. Anna Bogh and Mrs. A. Lundgren, two grandmothers, were there. Miss Hawkins was presented a suit case from the children and their parents. The school will have a weeks vacation.



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