Fredonia No 1-- PHOTOS

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Fredonia No. 1 -- 1910

Teacher: Miss Edith Harrington

This photo shows what is suspected as the entire school group of 1910. Miss Edith Harrington is the teacher, far right--first row. Alyda Marie Keizer and Amy Lucille Darville are standing back row, far left.

~Above photo courtesy Milt Keizer

Click on this photo link for an additional photo of Miss Harrington and two Eighth Grade girl graduates.


This photo is from the old date

Back row:  Martha Mulder, June Weber, unknown, Harold Kriebs, Peter Mulder
Middle row:  unknown, unknown, Gerald "Bun" Mulder,  Henry Darville (leaning forward)
Front row:   unknown girl and Edith Darville
 [Edith and Henry Darville were twins.]


Fredonia the "new" school

Fredonia No. 1, 1936-1937
Back row: Ambrose Krogman, Gerald Steensma, Louis Kaiser
Middle row:  Germaine Krogman, Georgine Osborne, Jean Foley, Bill Foley, Ester VanKlompenburg, Bill Mulder, Florence Mulder, Bill Osborne
Front row:  Marvel Krogman, June Van Klompenburg, Fred DeBeer, Milo Krogman, Peter DeBeer

Teacher: Jewel Godwin (not pictured)

Teacher, Miss Lillian Gable, taught Fredonia No. 1, 1940-1941

~photo shared by researcher, Joan Van Peursem

Mrs. Mary Agnes Burke, taught Fredonia No. 1, 1946-1948

Winter Fun with Teacher--Using snow shovel for sliding on the snow.

~photo shared by researcher, Joan Van Peursem




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