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LeMars Daily Sentinel
Le Mars, Iowa, Tuesday Evening, February 26, 1884.

Seney column: The kids that attend school in north Fredonia disgusted the teacher and
she has decided not to finish the term.

LeMars Sentinel
April 1, 1895

NORTH FREDONIA: (Special Correspondence)
The “sheriff” has failed to appear to “oust” our schoolma’am.
The literary at the Smith school house has been changed from Thursday to
Saturday evenings.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, April 15, 1895, pg 4

A School Scrap

The trouble over the contract of Miss Margaret Rea as teacher in school
district, No. 1, in Fredonia township is creating lots of bad blood between
residents of the township. It seems that Miss Rea was hired by W.L. Freeman,
the old director, just previous to his removal to Minnesota, for a six
months term, but that the president of the board did not sign the contract
as required by law. After the election of W.S. Darville, as director he
hired another teacher for the school and an injunction was gotten out to
prevent Miss Rea from teaching; but it appears that she paid no attention to
the injunction, but continued to teach the school under her contract with
Mr. Freeman.

The signing of teachers' contracts by the president of the board is not
closely observed in many townships it being considered sufficient to have
the sub-district directors' signature and this case will assume something of
the nature of a test case. On account of the non-observance of the
injunction, a suit was necessary to test its validity and it was heard by
Judge Gaynor Saturday night.

LeMars Sentinel, November 28, 1898

Fredonia Township teachers for the winter are: No. 1, Miss Muffet; No. 2, Miss Dresser; No. 4, Miss Moulder; No. 5, Miss Ellsworth; No. 6, Miss Small; No. 7, Miss Tovey; No. 8, Miss Boyle; No. 9, Miss Keating.

LeMars Globe-Post, 28 Dec. 1936

Seney--Fredonia school district No. 1 held a Christmas program Wednesday evening.
A good program was given, after which refreshments were served.

LeMars Sentinel, Friday, December 15, 1944, Page 6, Column 2:
     Seney--Miss Lois Osborne presented her pupils in a fine Christmas program at her school in Fredonia Friday evening.

LeMars Sentinel
September 18, 1945

FREDONIA:  (Special Correspondence)
Miss Lois Osborne started teaching the school in District No. 1 on Monday, Corney Mulder being the Director.

LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, Jan. 5, 1951

FREDONIA: (Special Correspondence)

School closed Friday in District No. 1 for a two-week's vacation after having a Christmas program.

Sept. 21, 1955 Le Mars Sentinel

     The north Fredonia school started Monday, Mrs. Nis Kloster is the teacher.

May 23, 1957, Le Mars Globe-Post

   Visitors at the Globe-Post Wednesday, May 22, were pupils of Fredonia No. 1 School. This group included Carol Weber, Alice Weber, Wa?? Mulder, Dale Scheitler, Twylla Kloster, Kenneth Mulder, Roger Mulder and Cornell Mulder. Mrs. Nis Kloster teacher and Mrs. Gerald Mulder also were with the group. Beside the Globe-Post these children visited Vander Meer Bakery, Wells Dairy, Court House and Jail and the Police Station. they also took a train ride to Alton and back. The ride was the first train ride for the group.”




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