Old Collier Mill at Hawleyville

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OLD LAND MARK SOLD – Old Mill at Hawleyville changes Hands. One of the old land marks of the country was sold at public auction last Friday afternoon. The old mill at Hawleyville passed into the hands of Ed Hakes, who, being the highest bidder became owner of the mill and two and one-half acres of land on which it now stands. The purchase price was seven hundred and fifty dollars. The contents of the mill were sold also, farmers in the neighborhood buying such pieces of machinery as was offered. The mill and property sold belonged to the Collier heirs. E.G. Strong had charge of the sale, Oscar Stewart of Clarinda, auctioneer. The Clarinda Herald, Clarinda, Iowa, December 2, 1915

Old Mill Sold – Quite a large crowd gathered in Hawleyville last Friday afternoon to witness the selling at auction of the old Collier mill that has stood upon the river bank for so many years. First of all was sold some lumber, oil, saws and various other articles. The two mills, the scales, and the mill site all went together, Ed Hakes being the purchaser. It is unknown as yet whether Mr Hakes will tear down the buildings or will start again a milling business in Hawleyville. The proceeds from this sale go to the heirs of the Collier estate. The Clarinda Herald, Clarinda, Iowa, December 2, 1915