Newsletter index from Essex Grade School
submitted by: Victoria Johnson:
I have an index I transcribed for a newsletter from the Essex Grade School. I'm not sure of the date but it has a poem by my dad from the 8th grade which would have been around 1923. There are many names mentioned in the stories. If there is interest I will transcribe the document as I have time. Index for a newsletter from Essex, Iowa Grade School. It lists Class prophecies, poems and stories.

Almquist, Eldora

Almquist, Glenn

Almquist, Irwin

Almquist, Wayne

Brown, Lyle

Butler, Donald

Carlson, Betty

Carlson, Helen Mae

Cloyd Juanita

Crawford, Keith

Dovey, Miss

Eklund, Miss

Elliot,  Alfred

Ennis, Ruth Marie

Franks, Helen

Franks, Levi

Franks, Richard

Gaston, Mildred

Glodery, Ervin

Glodery, Frances

Glodrey, Alvin

Hagg, Raymond

Hagg, Vera

Hallberg, Mrs.

Hammergren, Evald

Hanson, Barbara

Hiatt, Miss

Hilgerson, Frankie

Hilt, Louise

Hipwell, Max

Hipwell, Roger

Hirst, Arthur

Hirst, Lucille

Hultman, Paul

Johnson, Bernice

Johnson, Carl

Johnson, Elsie

Johnson, Jane Marit

Johnson, Rudolph

Jordan, Bill

Jordan, Marcine

Lagerquist, Harold

Liljedahl, Meralyn

Lindburg, Loreene

Linn, Laurine

McCall, Darwin

McMaster, Tommy

Miller, Jimmie

Miller, Norma Jean

Moore, Clyde

Moore, Gladys

Moore, Naomi

Murray, Frederick

Murray, Phyllis

Nelson, Arlene

Nelson, Barbara

Nelson, Ella

Nelson, Mariam

Nelson, Suzanne

Nordstrom, Miriam

Okerlin, Betty Sue

Oline, Miriam

Palm, Vernon

Parker, Louise

Parker, Marvis

Pendleton, Clarence

Peterson, Carroll

Peterson, Norma

Shallberg, Louise

Shallberg, Ralph

Shelstrom, Marlin

Sheridan, Merle

Sheridan, Verle

Swanson, Leonard

Swanson, Raynor

Waldren, Melvin

Westman, Merine

Woods, Marjorie

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