Below is an index to the 1900 Baker Twp. census. This index includes heads of household and those in the household with different surnames.

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Akkerman, Berend
Applegate, Edith
Aurit, Charles
Aurit, Henry
Barnes, Fannie
Bates/Batie, A.
Benz/Genz, Ernest
Boerman, Fred
Boettzer/Boettcher, Otto
Brady, John
Bray, Mary A.
Buchholz, August
Caldwell, Giles
Cherasy, Louis
Dalrymple, --------
Dather, Leonard
Defries, O.
Deinema, John
Dewey, Thomas
Dickmann, Benjamin
Dickmann, Aaron?
Dorman, Christ
Dunkleman, Dora
Dvorak, Joseph
Fink, Conrad
Finke/Fink, Henry
Fleming, William
Frey, Dirk
Frey, Frank
Frey, Henry
Frey, Henry
Frey, J.
Frey, M.
Frey, Theodore
Geider, Henry
Genz, August
Gerzer, Jacob
Graves, Claus
Greve, Jerry
Griffin, Henry
H----, Frank
H------, John
Harkemeyer, Fred
Hastings, Mary
Hastings, William
Hearli, -----
Hoffe/Hoppe, Henry
Hoffman, Joseph
Hokuf, Anton
Hokuf, Miles
Holle, H.
Holle, L.
Howard, Clark
Huck, Joseph
Imhoff, M.
Jakes, John J.
Jass, C.
Jass, Emilie
Johnson, John
Johring, Peter
Jorgemeyer, Henry
Kellog, Phillip
Klaes, Henry
Klink, -------
Knapp, Peter
Kneath, L.
Knoch, Adolph
Kroger, John
Kuester, Fred
Kuester, Peter
LaFollet, John
Lean, William
Leggate, Henry
Libby. Edna
Liehaff, Emil
Liehr, Jahn
Lieurance, C.
Loger, Hattie
Loger, M.
Lundbeck, John
Lutterman, Ben
Lutterman, Henry
Lyman, C.
Lyman, H.
Lyons, Bert
Maroske, Anton
Matott, Mary
Mc-----, H.
McDougall, -----------
McDowell, D.
McDowell, W.
Meier, Gus
Miller, George
Mitchell, Dennis
Muster, Harm
Nash, Harvey
Nash, Stella
Nowatny, Charles
Palmer, Colbert
Philiph/Phillip, Henry
Philiph/Phillip, William
Price, Eli
Price, Melvin
Price, W.
Quiggel, F.
Rattunda, Henry
Remmers, Adolph
Remmers, Anne
Remmers, G.
Rhoda, Fritz
Roggenburt, Otto
Saienga, Adda
Saienga, H.
Saienga, John
Schazer, Philip
Schlicht, David
Schmidt, George
Schultz, Charles
Schutz/Schuetz, Chrst
Shaffer/Shaeffer, Henry
Shell, Joseph
Sjeen---, Gerritt
Smith, John
Spiecker/Spieker, Theodore
Stanford, Gracie
Stanford, M.
Steinke, Henry
Stevens, Thomas
Storing, James
Timmer, Henry
Van Kleinen, Henry
Vandewell, George
Wachtel, Joseph
Walters, Henry
Wehmeyer, John
Weidenberg, Herman
Wiggand, Henry
Wiggand, Lewis
Wiggenhauser, J.
Wiggenhauser, J.
Wilson, Oscar
Wilson, Peter
Woefle, John
Yaden, Peter
Young, Calvin
Zach, John


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