Moorhead IA -- 1914/1915 School Yr.

Class of Young Scholars

~The pupils are each numbered by the owner of the photograph. Identified on the back (unfortunately not all the numbers have names.) This photo was submitted by the great niece of Miss Evelyn Parker (young girl #16 in the middle row.)

Back Row—Starting far left:
2. Erma Lewis           
3. Kenneth Outhouse
4. Willie Groat
5. Elsie Lewis, teacher           
7. Boyle Blackman
9. Helen Smith
10. Paul Baily

Middle Row—Starting far left:
11. ______ Ball
12. Dorothy Neal
13. Chester Bartho           
14. Merlyn Nelson
16. Evelyn Parker
18a.  Sam Sorenson
18b. Mildred Surber
19. Beryl Baily
20. Helen Majers

First Row—Starting far left:
22. Edna Hubbard
23. Berle Bell
25. Marie Rasmussen
28.  Bernard Crandall
29. Faye Coates

**Observation by Transcriber: The numbers on the back of the photo, with names of a few identified, was quite likely identified by someone in the photo, but done many years after the photo was taken. This could account for the numbering system being jumbled and some not being identified. I am happy to post the identification, though, and hopefully you all will enjoy the picture which is now 100 YEARS AGO.

~Photo Contributor: Gretchen Higgins, great niece of Evelyn Parker

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