Picture postcard postmarked 1908.
Castana Normal School, Castana, Iowa

Castana High School * 1920-1921

These photos with identification were submitted by Kim (Larsen) Hunter. Kim wrote, "My grandma Alice (Jensen) Larsen who lived in rural Castana most of her life had some wonderful pictures of the rural school she went to. She also was wonderful at keeping a journal of her family and life. I attached her story of going to school (this is in her own handwriting) and the pictures she had in her photo album. She was great about writing names and dates on her photos. Grandma Alice's sister is Iva Jensen and her brother is Maurice Jensen in the pictures. I have pictures of the old Castana High School, too." [Kim's Grandma was a Castana HS Class of 1925 graduate.]

1920-1921 Teachers & Staff (see below)

"The county consolidated the country and town school in 1920 so in Fall of 1920 we were taken to school in a bus, pulled by horses."

Class of 1925 - C.H.S.

~Photos of the Collection of Alice E. Jensen submitted by Kim (Larsen) Hunter, her granddaughter. **see the above link


Castana High School - Year 1925
1925 Group Identified (below)


1924-1925 School Year - Photos (below)

Agriculture Class Photos -- With Identification

Below - Identification of those in above Agriculture pictures.

Agriculture Teacher - Mr. Kirk

1925 Operette - With Identification

Handwritten Identification of the Main Cast (below)

Castana High School - Class of 1925

Alice Jensen, Class of 1925 & the class member who "saved" this fabulous school history!


~Photos & history submitted by Kim (Larsen) Hunter.

**Alice Jensen was a graduate of the Castana High School Class of 1925. Thanks to her granddaughter for sharing this history with the Monona County IAGenWeb site. What FABULOUS HISTORY! Isn't she lovely!



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