Rodney, Iowa

Grant Township boasted three towns, Rodney, Ticonic, and Grant Center. Rodney, which was the most thriving, boasted its first building in 1887, when James McKinstry erected the first building, a livery barn. In the fall of the same year, Washington VanDorn erected a two-story building, the lower part being a mercantile store and the upper floor was erected as a public hall, known throughout the country as VanDorn’s Hall. In the same year, William W. McDonald erected another store with his son, and they too carried a stock of general merchandise. The hardware store was operated by W.H. Edgar, F.D. Edgar and G.W. Edgar. It was known as the Edgar Brothers Store. W.G. Kennedy had the lumber yard, and the drug store was operated by a C.H. Chandler and Dr. C.G. Lass. There were others who operated other businesses including a blacksmith shop operated by David Hollister, The St. Paul House operated by Wellington and “Doc” Henderson among others.  

~Source: Onawa Democrat, Thursday, February 21, 1974—“Old Fashioned Township History”

Brownie & Austins Meat Market, Rodney, Iowa (circa 1900)

"Gilbert Browning, my great-grandfather, is holding the reins to the horses." ~Contributor, Larry Lundeen

Thanks to Larry for sharing this fabulous old photograph. Notice, too, the one lone person sitting in the window peering out.

Main St. South, Rodney, Iowa

~Town history submitted by Larry Lundeen

~Rodney, IA, R.C. Eichorn Advertising Postcard submitted by Larry Lundeen

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