Mapleton, Iowa

~Mapleton postcards submitted by researcher, Larry Lundeen.


~Above: 1940s View of Mapleton, Iowa

Mapleton Trust and Savings Bank, Mapleton, Iowa (above photo)

Below Mapleton, Iowa, Street Scene 2/6/1949



Burson Babre Soda Fountain, Mapleton, Iowa - 1904 postcard

Street Scene Mapleton, circa 1911 ~Picture submitted by researcher, Larry Lundeen

Aerial View of Mapleton, Iowa -- Postcard dated 1953

[Permission granted by Iowa Postcard Collector, David Shedlock]

1880s Mapleton Photo ~Contributor, John Uhl

John Uhl wrote: "This is an old metal plate photo of my great grandfather Martin Uhl that indicates it was taken in Mapleton in the 1880's at a time when he briefly ran a saloon.... My understanding is that the building in this photo later became Streck Shoe Repair and was located approximately in the area of Mac's car dealership..... I would certainly appreciate any help confirming if this was the location or any other information.... Martin Uhl is standing center wearing a white shirt and vest.... the other guys in the photo are unidentified possibly relatives to Martin. I also thought I would share a same time period photo of Martin Uhl for reference."

the Young Martin Uhl


Wagon Bridge Over the Maple -- Mapleton, Iowa

~Wagon Bridge postcard is also a part of the Uhl Family Collection


1890 Era Mapleton Photograph

Griffin Pharmacy, Mapleton, Iowa (late 1890s)

The lady on the right is the owner's wife, Ida Griffin.

Mapleton, Iowa, Harness Shop -- dated 1912

Men in the photograph are: John Eldridge Jr., R.W. Haskin, Theo Haskin, and Joe Hanson.

~Pharmacy & Harness Shop photos submitted by researcher, Larry Lundeen

Also from Steve Mosier, "here's a mystery for you -- a Mapleton photo that I haven't been able to identify. It belonged to Josephine Snyder Carhart, the wife of Stephen Herculese Carhart, and is quite likely a Snyder or a Carhart. I inherited Josephine's photo album and a number of loose photos, and have spent 35 years trying to identify them. I've only been successful with about 30 of the 65-odd photos in the album, but Mapleton photos have not been a problem -- I've identified all but this one (not from the album). Most of my unknown photos are from Nevada, IA, Columbus, OH, or Platteville, WI."

Please email this county coordinator, if you recognize this young woman. Thanks for any help you can offer!


Mapleton picture card from the "old days" -- Fellows and cars pictured in front of the Mapleton Auto Company. No one in the photograph is identified. ~Picture submitted by researcher, Larry Lundeen

Fantastic--this county coordinator has heard from a researcher regarding identification of people in this photo. See note below:

I talked to Rose Marie Barry and she could help me with the Mapleton Auto Co. information. Three of the men in the photo are Harvey Grass, Mr. Engel and Ariel 'Bus' Uhl. Don't know who the woman in the back or the two men on the right are. In 1936 Barry-Collins Ford opened where the coal office is located. In 1941 Bus Uhl went to work for Barry-Collins Ford. ~signed, Lois Vanderbur


~Colorful old postcard below submitted by researcher, Larry Lundeen.

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