The pictures on these pages are unidentified or partially unidentified. Could you help us by checking the photos for sitings of your ancestors and their neighbors? Your help is very much appreciated. Email Linda, the Monona County Coordinator if you are able to ID anyone. Thanks!




These mystery photos have been submitted by family researcher, Kathy Blake.

"These photos are of family members who lived in Monona  and were related to the Schiff family of Amana, Iowa.  (Andreas Schiff  1834-1915 and Barbara nee Brugier)  (son William Schiff 1873-1949 and  Henriette nee Feye)  The Schiffs immigrated from Germany to Ebenezer, New  York as part of the Community of True Inspiration - later to become the Amana  Society.   My mother remembers visiting relatives in Monona around  the 1930-40's so it is possible some family members remain in Monona today.    Thanks for any help!"

"I have a few photos that I am trying to identify from my family. I would like to post them on the Monona mystery photo website in the hopes that someone in the area can identify them. Thank you." Kathy Blake (use this email link to contact Kathy if you can help with identification)



UPDATE: I identified the photo of the lady with the fan as Clara Schiff, daughter of Louis Schiff who lived in Giard.   I am still hopeful of identifying the other photos.    ~Kathy Blake



I got the photo (below) on ebay and wondered if it could be added to the mystery photo page for Monona County. It came from someone whose grandmother was from the Castana area; I do not know her name. It's hard to read the photographer's name--maybe Le Grande Studio, Onawa, IA. In faint pencil on the back it appears to say Lettie S.
Bonnie McDonald





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