The pictures on these pages are unidentified or partially unidentified. Could you help us by checking the photos for sitings of your ancestors and their neighbors? Your help is very much appreciated. If you are able to ID anyone, please contact the contributor. Thanks for your help!

Message from the contributor of the photos on this page:

My name is Linda Clark, daughter of Carroll Doyle Clark, born in Rodney, Iowa, in 1926.  My father's sister, Darlene, has an album with about 10 pictures from Iowa, taken in the late 1890's and early 1900s, but none have identifiers such as names.  We think they are from my father's mother's side of the family (the family of Leona Thelma Rasmussen, daughter of Rasmus Jensen Rasmussen).  My name is Linda, and I am the daughter of Carroll Doyle Clark (deceased) originally of Rodney, Iowa.
"Doyle" as my Dad was called is the son of Lawrence Rex Clark and Leona Thelma Rasmussen.
These pictures are on the Rasmussen side... Some from Denmark.
I would appreciate if anyone can identify them.
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