The pictures on these pages are unidentified or partially unidentified. Could you help us by checking the photos for sitings of your ancestors and their neighbors? Your help is very much appreciated. Email Linda, the Monona County Coordinator if you are able to ID anyone. Thanks!

The pictures on this page are numbered just the way the contributor sent them to the County Coordinator. I am keeping their numbering intact. So if anyone contacts them helping with identification of people in the photos, please state the corresponding photo number. Thanks!


"I have some unknown photos from my garndmother Corrine Dittmer / Bolluyt.  Maybe someone has information?"

Email the photo contributor (use the numbers above the pics to reference the picture with the contibutor)

Photo #04



A Patriotic Group






Photo #05

Photo # 06

Photo # 15

  Photo # 20

Photo # 29

Photo # 30


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