The pictures on these pages are unidentified or partially unidentified. Could you help us by checking the photos for sitings of your ancestors and their neighbors? Your help is very much appreciated. Email Linda, the Monona County Coordinator if you are able to ID anyone. Thanks!


The people in these photographs are known to have lived in Monona County, Iowa. If you have photographs of Monona County residents, but you are not sure of the identity of the people in the pictures and would like to include them on this page, please contact Linda at the email link above.

Photo #1

**Identification - "That looks like my dad, 2nd boy from the right, Cecil .F. Dale." ~ID submitted by Sara Elliott

This picture shows all the male children attending Ticonic Country School in 1925.

Waldo Lundeen is the young man (5th person on the left). The others are not identified, but it is known that one of the boys is Marshmont Heisler (a good friend of Waldo Lundeen.)

~Photograph contributed by Waldo Lundeen's son, Larry Lundeen









Photo #2

I believe that this photo is a wedding picture of bride Reynolds and groom Shannahan.  This was given to my mother by Ruth Shanahan of Ute during their 100th anniversary.  The bride may be the daughter of Oliver Brumfield Reynolds and Martha Ellen (Dorothy) Reynolds.
~Photograph contributed by Cindy Leister


Photo #3

Lovely MYSTERY YOUNG LADY photo taken at Presley Studio, Onawa, Iowa. Is anyone able to identify this picture? ~Contributor, Larry Lundeen

Photo #4

Unidentified Mapleton - Warrens Studio

Please notify the County Coordinator email if you recognize this lovely couple and their two little girls. Thanks!

~Above photograph submitted by Kathline Forrester

Photo Group #5 -- Whiting, Iowa vicinity

Researcher, Connie O'Meara found these three pics in an album kept by her grandmother Freda Solid Fymbo.  Almost all of the photos were of members of the Solid family which lived around Whiting.  They immigrated from Sweden.  There could also be a connection to the Gus Peterson family because Freda's mother Johanna Peterson Solid, was a sister to Gus Peterson.  Johanna and Freda are buried in the Whiting Cemetery. If anyone can help by identifying these photos please contact connieo, using this email link.

Unidentified Baby, Barton Studio, Sloan, Iowa


Unidentified Toddler Child -- Barton Studio, Sloan, Iowa


Appears to be a Civil War Soldier -- Spaulding Bros. Studio, Whiting, IA

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