Early Schools of Mills County, Iowa

Letal School, Souvenir,
District #3, 1913-1914
Oak Township

I shall not pass this way again,
But far beyond earth’s where and when,
May I look back along a road
Where on both sides good seed I sowed.

I shall not pass this way again,
May wisdom guide my tongue and pen.
And love be mine that so I may
Plant roses all along the way.

I shall not pass this way again,
May I be courteous to men.
Faithful to friends, true to my God.
A fragrance on the path I trod.

1913-1914 School year:
Pearl Garst

Pupils: Ellen Bichel, Ferdinand Bichel, Helen Bichel, Theodore Bichel, Wilma Bichel, William Bichel, Adelheid Hoffman, Edward Hoffman, Frances Hoffman, Herman Hoffman, John Hoffman, Josephine Hoffman, Naomi Graves, Albert Kahl, Edward Kahl, Freddie Kahl, Hilda Kahl, John Kahl, William Kahl, Bessie Miller, Sadie Miller, Albert Roenfeld, Milton Roenfeld, Gladys Roux, Claude Schoening, Earl Schoening, Fern Schoening, Helen Schoening, Lee Schoening, Wilbert Schoening, Ethel Silvey, Glenn Silvey, Wilbert Silvey,

School Board: President, Ferdinand Schoening; Secretary, W. A. Bichel; Director, August Schoening; Director, Louis Roenfeld, Co-Supt. Geo. E. Masters.

~ Submitted by Donna Knight, March 6, 2011

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