Mills County, Iowa

Golden Hill School

"Golden Hill School"
Photo donated by Joanne Arentson, previously belonging to her grandmother-in-law, Leafy Turner Leader.
Leafy graduated Malvern H.S. in 1925. She was the daughter of Ira and Allie (Thomas) Turner.

The following photos are courtesy of Diane Schroeder, daughter of Marie Menschel:

Golden Hill Class
Top Row: Pardon Pontow, Bruno Leu, Lauren Brake, Rosa Pontow (Scheel), Eldon Pontow, Teacher: Ralph Wederquist , Dawson, Gertrude Leu, Joe Dawson, Leona Leu (Turner).
Second Row: ?? Brake, Marie Menschel (Hopp), Josephine Pontow (Fletcher), Bernice Brake, Mary Ratashak, Agnes Menschel (Livingood), Doris Leu, Margaret Leu (Mooney)
Bottom Row: Marvin Pontow, Arnold Leu, Dawson, ??? , Martin, August Pontow.

Golden Hill Schoool Awards
Top Row: Marie Menschel, August Pontow, Doris Leu, Agnes Menschel, Dwight Kelley
Bottom Row: ???, Keith Bruce, Arnold Leu

Golden Hill Schoool Picnic Game

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