Early Schools of Mills County, Iowa

Glenwood Grammar School
circa 1896 - 1898

Front row: 4th from the right is Mae McReynolds, 5th to the right is Pearl McReynolds.

If you can identify anyone else in these photos, please contact our Mills County Coordinator. Thank you.

Glenwood School Daily Register
(02 September 1889)
(The names are from the daily register first term. The ages were recorded for those students present in the second term.)
TEACHER: Emma L. Kellogg
Student Name Age     Student Name Age
John Anderson n.g. Pelham, Jimmie 8
Oscar Askins 8 Powell, Fred 7
Myrtle Bradshaw n.g. Powell, Lucy 10
Rosie Butler n.g. Rager, Harry 5
Ethel Byers n.g. Rager, Lily. n.g
Fred Byers 7 Rager, Winfred n.g.
Fred Cheyney 9 Rishell, Willie 6
Edith Covert 7 Robinson, Bessie 6
Jesse Daniel n.g. Royle, Ernest 6
Charlie Delashmutt 7 Royle, Milly 9
Ernest Edgar 8 Scott, Claudia n.g.
Bessie Fell 7 Scott, Gertie 7
Motts Hollenback 9 Steepey, Edna 6
Frankie Lewis Jackson n.g Steepey, Walter 6
Willie Kisby 9 Steepey, Willis 5
Lewis, Don n.g. Stephens, Ethel. n.g
Lidgett, George 9 Tillman, Bessie n.g.
Lugsch, Heinrich n.g. Tillmann, Lena n.g.
Meyers, Annie 9 Tryon, Emma 6
Miller, Jimmie 9 Will, Mabel 7
Miller, Maria n.g. Wilson, Jennie n.g.
Mitchell, Charlie. n.g Woodruff, Charlie n.g.
Myers, Ellen n.g. Woodward, George 9
Myers, Etna n.g. Woodward, Harry 7
Nebe, Bertha n.g. Wright, Arthur 8
Pearson, Effie. n.g (Hussing?), Willie n.g
Glenwood First Grade Class
(05 September 1892 - 30 September 1892)
TEACHER: Miss Kellogg
Barkus, Ray Kirkendal, Fred Anderson, Lucille
Bays, Leon Lewis, Jesse Bogart, True
Buffington, Ralph Lewis, Roy Botts, Inez
Butler, (Challie?) Lowe, Lambert Butler, Iva
Byers, Arthur Manahan, George Byers, Laura
Childers, George Meyers, Fred Goodell, Alta
Cole, Lloyd Moore, Freddie Grubb, Nellie
DeWitt, Hermie Porter, Paul Hooker, Eunice
Duran, Eddie Prine, Ralph Hooker, Lucy
Evans, Charlie Rager, Albert Hyde, Rosie
Evernham, Furman Ridgeway, Walton Kisby, Rosie
Finch, Arthur Robinson, George Lugsch, Rose
Frank, Carl Seymour, Harold Meyers, Lizzie
Grubb, Roy Stype, Louis Meyers, Lydia
Halter, Carl Walling, Ernest Miller, Pearl
Hayward, Ralph Walling, Fred Parrish, Beulah
Howard, Charlie Walter, Lewis** Porter, Cleo
Howard, Floyd Waterman, Perry Prine, Nora
Hubbell, Alfred Woods, Luther Robinson, Nora
Jones, Alvin **or Lewis, Walter Straub, Lulu
Jones, Clarence   Taylor, Rosie
~ source: Original records, Glenwood Public Library
Will, Edith
Woods, Alta

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