Early Schools of Mills County, Iowa
Malvern Schools
Silver Creek Township

Malvern's first elementary school, built in 1871.

Normal Academy and School of Science, built in 1878. This was the first High School.

Malvern High School Commencement, 1897

Malvern Community School, built when the Academy burned down in 1903.
It originally housed K-12 classes. Later it was used for grades 7-12.

Malvern High School Commencement, 1908

Malvern High School Commencement, 1929

Malvern High School Commencement, 1934

This was built in 1968 for the high school.
In 2006 the Malvern School District merged with the Nishna Valley School District to form the East Mills School District. This building then became the East Mills High School.

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