The Bumps of Rose Hill

The group picture was taken at their home in Rose Hill. I know all the names of the children, but there isn't anyone alive today who can put a name to the faces in the picture.

Seated far right is Catherine (O'Connor) Bump and seated far left is my great grandmother, Mary Phylinda Bump.

Isaac W. Bump & Catherine O'Connor had eleven children altogether. Three had passed away before this picture was taken or were not present at the time (all born in Mahaska County): Alice A. Bump (August 16, 1862 - April 11, 1863); Cornelia Rosalie Bump (February 25, 1866 - January 22, 1896); Eldora A. Bump (February 23, 1868 - October 7, 1870).

The other children are: Julius Edmund Bump (March 16, 1859); Rinaldo R. Bump (October 19, 1860); Milo A. Bump (January 8, 1864); Fletcher Wilbur Bump (October 12, 1877); Clarence Caswell Bump (January 10, 1880); Mary Phylinda Bump (July 26, 1870); Della Lavonia Bump (April 5, 1873); Florence M. Bump (September 28, 1875).
bump group photo
isaac & catherine bump
This picture is Isaac W. Bump and Catherine (O'Connor) Bump. The picture was taken in What Cheer, Keokuk County, but Isaac W. Bump and Catherine lived in Rose Hill where they raised all their children. This Bump family is descended from Edouad Bompasse (known in America as Edward Bumpus) who arrived in Plymouth on the Ship "Fortune" in November 1621.

Isaac W. Bump, son of Daniel & Lucinda Bump (both buried in Mahaska County) was born February 18, 1834 in Columbus, Ohio and died July 26, 1910 at Longmont, Colorado on trip to visit son Julius. He married on July 16, 1857 at Hopewell, Mahaska County, IA to Catherine O'Connor, daughter of James O'Connor & Johanna Mulvihill (both buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Mahaska County). She was born August 13, 1841 in County Kerry, Ireland and died November 10, 1922 at Ponca City, Oklahoma
Picture at right is Mary Phylinda Bump taken in Oskaloosa, age 18.

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