Isaac McBride (1816-1898)

Isaac McBride (1816-1898) and his second wife Pheobe Edmundson (1821-1906).  Notice the watch chain on Isaac's vest.  That watch has been passed down through the family and is in my possession. The Stone Ridge Mill (photo below) was located in Monroe Township on the North Skunk River southwest of Indianapolis.  At one time it was owned by my great great grandfather, Isaac McBride.

Contributor, Duane Kruse
What Cheer, Iowa



Stone Ridge Mill
Skunk River, flowing through this township, furnishes excellent water power, and, as a result, there are three flouring and three saw-mills located on the river.  James Senate built the first mill, and on this site the Roberts Brothers, in 1874, built a fine flouring-mill, having three run of stone. The Smith and McBride mill was put up in 1870 by the Wymore Brothers. It has a fine location on the west side of the Skunk River, and has three pairs of burrs. Samuel Cox built a mill on the west side of Skunk River in 1848. The mill has since passed into the hands of Ford and Anderson. This has two run of stone.
Smith, Frank E., of the firm of Smith, McBride & Co., proprietors of Stone Ridge Mill; was  born in Morrow county, Ohio, in 1850; came to Iowa in 1865, and located in Iowa City; he moved to Oskaloosa in 1868, and married Mira Nye in 1876; she was born in Wisconsin in 1857; have one child, Lena F.

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