Mrs. Margaret Mathews

History of Scott Township, Mahaska County, Iowa

--At the cabin of Mrs Margaret Mathews, who had the misfortune to lose her husband who died here in the early days leaving her to care and provide for a family of small children, four boys and a girl. She had her boys to make stick quail traps and after trapping quail this good woman dressed and saved each one of them, so at the first wood chopping given at her home she had a nice cooked quail to put on each person's plate who was present. At another time, had a hen's egg shell full of maple sugar placed at each dinner plate, having no other refreshments. Sometimes during the evening hazelnuts would be passed around. (Margaret Jane Smith Mathews, widow of William Mathews married second to Philip Kitterman, son of Henry Kitterman and Elizabeth Enlow. Henry Kitterman, son of Peter Kitterman and Mary Magdalena ( Polly) Kitterman).
Source: The Journal's County News Service, February 1878.
Submitted by: Virginia Perry


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