1950 Federal Census




The  1950 Federal Census, released in April, 2022, does not yet have all search capabilities we are now accustomed to with earlier censuses.  A project to index each name is currently underway with an army of volunteers and will, hopefully, be available to us via Familysearch.org or Ancestry.com later in 2022. 

However, if you know the enumeration district (ED) of your ancestor, you can narrow down the pages you need to browse in the 1950 census. Start your search at the National Archives search page.

The following ED maps of Madison County and Winterset were provided by the United States National Archives.


Winterset ED map showing  61-1- to 61-5
County-wide ED map showing 61-6 to 61-28, including:
  - Bevington 61-6
  - Earlham 61-17
  - Macksburg 61-10
  - Peru 61-27
  - St. Charles 61-24
  - Truro 61-20
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