1930 Madison County Census Transcriptions


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Transcription Pages
Bevington 192A          
Crawford Township 195A  -196B 197A - 199A        
Douglas Township 200A - 201A 201B - 202B 203A - 204A 204B - 206A    
Earlham 172A - 173B 174A - 175B 176A - 177B 178A - 180A 181A - 181B  
East Peru 237A - 238A 238B - 240A        
Grand River Township 210A - 211A 211B - 212B 213A - 214B      
Jackson Township 215A - 216A 216B - 217B 218A - 219A 219B - 220B    
Jefferson Township 221A  -222A 222B - 223B 224A - 225A 225B - 226B    
Lee Township 227A - 228A 228B - 229B 230A - 231A      
Lincoln Township 232A - 233B 234A - 235B 236A - 237A 237B - 239A    
Macksburg 207A - 209A          
Madison Township 182A - 183A 183B - 184B 185A - 186A 186B - 188A    
Monroe Township 189A - 190B 191A - 192A 192B - 194A      
Ohio Township 199A - 200B 201A - 202B 203A - 204A      
Patterson 194A - 195A          
Penn Township 205A - 206A 206B - 207B 208A - 209A 209B - 211A    
Scott Township 212A - 213B 214A - 215B 216A - 217A 217B - 218B    
South Township 224A - 225A 225B - 226B 227A - 228A 228B - 230A    
St. Charles 219A - 220B 221 - 223A        
Truro 195A - 196B 197A - 198B        
Union Township 231A - 232B 233A - 234A 234B - 236A      
Walnut Township 241A - 242A 242B - 243B 244A - 245A 245B - 247A    
Webster Township 248A - 249B 250A - 251B 252A - 253B      
Winterset Ward 1 1A - 21A 22A - 36A 37A - 53A 54A - 57A 68A - 84A 85A - 101A
Winterset Ward 2 102A - 115A 116A - 130A 131A - 142A 143A - 157A 158A - 173A 174A - 191A




The Enumerator for Winterset, for unknown reasons, used only "A" pages, there are no "B" pages. He also, in almost all cases used a half page or less resulting in large quantities of blank lines which are not shown in this transcription. Finally, probably as a result of what happened with the Winterset pages, some of the townships have page numbers identical to the Winterset pages. This should not cause a problem as long as you look for township as well as page numbers in the "Transcription Pages" table shown above.


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