1859 Madison County Census


Abstract of the Census returns of Madison County, Iowa for the year AD 1859 as reported to the County Clerk by the Assessors of the different Townships.


Whole No. of Dwelling Houses 1190
Whole No. of Heads of Families 1189
Whole No. of Males 3734
Whole No. of Females 3337
Whole No. entitled to vote 1456
Whole No. of Militia 1275
Whole No. of Foreigners not Nationalized 50
Whole No. between the ages of 5 to 24 years 2764
Whole No. of Blinds 3
Whole No. of Deaf & Dumb 8
Whole No. Insane 3
Whole No. Idiotic 3
Whole No. of Acres of improved land 39565
Whole No. of Acres of unimproved land 115685
Whole No. Miles of R Road finished no
Whole No. Miles of R Road unfinished no
Whole No. Colledges & Universaties no
Whole No. Pupils attending colledge or university no
Whole No. Acres of Sorgum 123 3/5
Whole No. Galls of molasses manufactured 5239
Whole No. Acres in orchards 245
Whole No. orchard products 14
Whole No. Acres of Hungarian Grass 21700
Whole No. Tons of Hay from Hungarian Grass 21404
Whole No. Acres in meadow 887
Whole No. Tons of Hay 5570
Whole No. Bushels of Grass Seed 259
Whole No. Acres of Spring Wheat 8337
Whole No. Bushels Harvested 10571
Whole No. Acres of Oats 3693
Whole No. Bushels Harvested 5904
Whole No. Acres of Corn 11793
Whole No. Bushels Harvested 244217
Whole No. Acres of Potatoes 231
Whole No. Bushels Harvested 13365
Whole No. of Cattle sold 1374
Whole No. Value of Cattle sold 28920
Whole No. Pounds of Butter manufactured 145369
Whole No. Pounds of Cheese 3894
Whole No. Amount of mineral raised 75
Whole No. Value of mineral sold 75
Whole No. Pounds of Wool 7594
Whole No. Value of Domestic manufactures 5744
Whole No. Value of General manufactures 31103
Whole No. Value of Agricultural implements 18666


State of Iowa

Madison County

I, C. D. Bevington Clerk of the County Court of Madison County, Iowa do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct abstract of the Census returns of Madison County in state aforesaid as appear from the returns of the Assessors of the various townships of said county as reported in my office.

In testimony whereof I, C. D. Bevington, County Clerk of Madison County, Iowa

have hereunto affixed the seal of said county and subscribed my name at Winterset this 16th day of August A. D. 1859 

C. D. Bevington, County Clerk

for Wm M. Knowlton, Deputy


Transcribed by Kent G, Transier 2004




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