Standard Atlas of Louisa County, Iowa

Including A Plat Book of the Villages, Cities and Townships of the County.
Map of the State, United-States and World
Patrons Directory, Reference Business Directory and Departments
Devoted to General Information.
Analysis of the System of U.S. Land Surveys, Digest of the
System of Civil Government, Etc. Etc.

Compiled and Published by
Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers & Engravers, Chicago, 1917

This Atlas is in the Iowa Digital Collection, University of Iowa Library.

Submitted by Lynn McCleary July 7, 2019


General Index Page
Title Page 3
Table of Contents 5
Outline Map of Louisa County 7
Map of the State of Iowa 32-33
Map of the United States 36-37
Map of the World 40-41
Patrons' Reference Directory, Louisa County ~ Transcribed 43
Illustrations 47
Analysis of the System of United States Land Surveys Supplement I-II
Digest of the System of Civil Government Supplement III-VI
General Information Regarding Banking and Business Methods Supplement VII-VIII
Ancient, Medieval and Modern History, Chronologically Arranged Supplement X-XXIII
Louisa County Index Page
Alimeda, Plat of 17
Cairo, Plat of 17
Clifton, Plat of 9
Columbus City, Plat of 16
Columbus Junction, Plat of 12-13
Cotter, Plat of 9
Cotterville, Plat of 9
Elrick, Plat of 16
Elrick, Junction Plat of 16
Fredonia, Plat of 16-17
Gladwin, Plat of 14
Grandview, Plat of 17
Hillsborough, Plat of 12
Lafayette, Plat of 12
Letts, Plat of 11
Louisa County, Outline Map of 7
Marsh, Plat of 14
Morning Sun, Plat of 10
Newport, Plat of 21
Oakland, Plat of 17
Oakville, Plat of 15
Ononwa, Plat of 11
Port Louisa, Plat of 16
Toolsboro, Plat of 14
Wapello, Plat of 8-9
West Port Louisa, Plat of 14
Wyman, Plat of 20
Township and Range Index Page
Township 73 N., Range 1 W., Fractional 19
Township 73 N., Range 2 W. 18
Township 73 N., Range 3 W. 22
Township 73 N., Range 4 W. 25
Township 74 N., Range 1 W., Fractional 19
Township 74 N., Range 2 W., Fractional 20
Township 74 N., Range 3 W. 23
Township 74 N., Range 4 W. 26
Township 74 N., Range 5 W. 28
Township 75 N., Range 2 W., Fractional 21
Township 75 N., Range 3 W. 24
Township 75 N., Range 4 W. 27
Township 75 N., Range 5 W. 29
Township 76 N., Range 5 W., Fractional 30
Index To Illustrations Page
Brown, Benjamin, Sr., Residence of 51
Brown, C. A. 47
Cavin, O. M. 47
Christian Church, Wapello, Iowa 49
Citizens Savings Bank, Letts, Iowa 49
Citizens Savings Bank, Letts, Iowa - Interior Views of 51
Court House, Wapello 47
Courts, Fred, Residence of 51
Cutkomp, Fred M. 47
Davis, Mr. and Mrs. John H. 47
Dickerson, L. G., Residence of 51
Dickerson, Mr. and Mrs. L. G. and Family 47
Duncan, J. A., Residence of 51
Duncan, J. Carson, Residence of 49
Ferrie, Gast, Residence and Scene on Farm of 51
First National Bank, Muscatine, Iowa 49
German-American Bank, Muscatine, Iowa 51
German-American Bank, Burlington, Iowa - Interior View of 49
Hall, Allen, Cabbage Patch Grown by 51
Hardin, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel, residenc and Family of 49
Harris, John L., residence and Barn of 51
High School, Wapell, Iowa 4
High School, Wapell, Iowa 49
Iowa Rivr Bridge at Wapello, Photo from Vail E. Thompson 51
Iowa State Savings Bank, Burlington, Iowa 47
Johnston, Ed S. 47
Kemp, J. P., Residence of 51
Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. W.T. and Family Group 49
Lieberknecht, Lewis and Family Group 47
Lieberknecht, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, and Family Group 47
McCulley, Mr. and Mrs David C. 47
M. E. Church, Wapello, Iowa 51
Miller, Peter, Residence of 49
Post Office, Letts, Iowa 49
Public School Building, Letts, Iowa 49
Reiley, Robert L. 47
Rhyner, E. W., Residence of 51
Strawhacker, D. E., Residence of 51
Strawhacker, Mr. & Mrs. D. E. 47
Thompson, Vail E., Photo from 51
United Brethren Church, Letts, Iowa 49
Venard, C. B., Residence of 51
Victory School, Pupils of, 1915, Wapello, Iowa 49
Wagner, Mr. and Mrs. Phil. H. 47
Wapello State Savings Bank, Wapello, Iowa 49
Weber, John S. 47
Werner, Mrs. And Mrs. Lee, and Baby 47
Westbrook, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H., and Family 49
Williams, J. A., Garage of, Oakville, Iowa 51
Wykert, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. 47

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