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1966 and before

The Linn County Genealogy Library has provided an index of  names, which is alphabetically sorted by name, from the Linn County/Cedar Rapids Cancelled Voter Registration Cards from 1966 and Before.  These individual cards were pulled from the active voter files when the individual was no longer eligible to vote.  Each individual card contains, at the very least, the name, address, birth date and birth place of the voter.  If the voter happened to have been born in a foreign country, then it will also contain their naturalization date and place.  These cards will show any surname changes that might have taken place (primarily for women who married after registering to vote.)  If the voter became ineligible due to death then the death date is usually listed.  If the voter moved out of the area that was noted as well.  Each name references a locator identification which allows the Linn County Genealogy Library to access the voter card image which then can be copied for genealogy research, etc.  A researcher can get this by contacting the Linn County Genealogy Library by email at or at 319-369-0022 and providing the subject’s index voter registration data.

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