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Instructions for submitting lookup requests:

Please make sure the title of the reference source appears in the subject line of your email.

  • Include the name of the source you are requesting the lookup from, in the first line of your email.
  • Be as specific as you can in your lookup requests, include first names if possible.
  • When requesting look-ups in census indexes, please remember that only the heads of households are listed and only occasionally are the spouses listed. Please do not ask the volunteers about other individuals who may be in thehousehold since they are not in the index.
  • We have such a wonderful and generous list of volunteers. Please don't forget to thank them for their time.
  • If you have any resources that you would like to offer, please email me

Reference Name with Email Link

1964 Keokuk County Plat Book (lists landowners) Marilyn Campbell


1880-1885 Birth Index for Keokuk County, Iowa
(published by the Keo-Mah Genealogical Society)

Jeff Jahn


Church of the Brethren near South English (Transcript)

Christy Yates Winchester

Bailey Cemetery Listing (only current up to 1971) (SW of Keswick)

Anita Von Ahsen

Friends Cemetery listing in Richland

Sharon Mourer

Highland Cemetery listing in Richland

Sharon Mourer

Keokuk County, Iowa WPA Burials (not all children were recorded).

These records have been  fully transcribed. Please visit the WPA Cemetery web site.

Iowa WPA Graves

Porter Cemetery Listing (only current up to 1971) (about 3 miles NE of Keswick)

Anita Von Ahsen

Sorden Cemetery Listing (only current up to 1971)
(located about 4 miles east of Keswick and 2 miles northwest of Webster)

Anita Von Ahsen

St. Patrick's Catholic or Little Creek Cemetery 1875 - Oct. 1986

Virginia Threlkeld-Larson

Pleasant Grove Cemetery Transcriptions

Rhonda Lindemann


Keokuk County, Iowa 1850 Census Index

Ginny Norwood

Keokuk County, Iowa 1860 Census Index

Ginny Norwood

Keokuk County, Iowa 1870 Census Index

Ginny Norwood

Keokuk County, Iowa 1880 Census Index<

Ginny Norwood

Keokuk County, Iowa 1900 Census Index

Ginny Norwood

Keokuk County, Iowa 1910 Census Index

Ginny Norwood

Keokuk County, Iowa 1920 Census Index

Ginny Norwood


75 Year Sacred Heart Parish, Kinross, Iowa 1906 - 1980

Priscilla Schmidt

What Cheer Lutheran (German) Church Records

Phyllis Tancer Nicholson (06/07)


A Genealogical and Biographical History of Keokuk County, Iowa, published in 1903

Dwight Bond

South English Bicentennial Book (includes South English Cemetery)

Jacki McDermott

Keswick Centennial Book

Jacki McDermott

What Cheer 100 Years

Mike Lowry

What Cheer 100 Years

Jacki McDermott

What Cheer 125 Years

Jacki McDermott

One Hundred Years In Kinross 1879 - 1979

Priscilla Schmidt

"History of Keokuk County 2001", published by the Keomah Genealogical Society

Judith Richardson

History of the Ritter Family: 1735-1905" by Philip John Ritter (1905)--Other surnames include: Akerman, Allman, Bennett, Brown, Crile, Darner, Densit/Dimmitt, Deuser, Deutschle, Dillon, Greenig, Greiner, Hecker, Holzhouser, Kling, Kuelkopf(Kielkopf), Maclung, Meier, Reck, Robertson, Sauer, Schaefer, Schertz, Schwartzel, Staedter, Sykes, WIlliams, and Young.

Diana Greb



Keokuk County, Iowa Marriages 1844-1850 (These are listed on Dianne Underwood's Genealogy Website...just click her name and it will take you there.)

Dianne Underwood's Site

Keokuk County, Iowa Marriages 1844-1895
Must specify a year.

Ginny Norwood

Marriages 1896-1923
Must specify a year.

Ginnwwwy Norwood


Book-"Service Records of Men and Women of What Cheer, Iowa and Community"  published by the American Legion No.533 in about 1948. It has pictures and bios of some people from What Cheer that served during WWII.

Debbie Oliphant


20th Century Alumni Album (for Gibson, Keswick, Thornburg, What Cheer and Tri-County Graduation Classes)--please include with your request the approximate year of graduation

Anita Von Ahsen


This gentleman has stated he will research in the Keokuk County Courthouse for a fee:
Josiah Schmidt, Professional Genealogist, APG Member
2401 16th St., Emmetsburg, IA 50536

(937) 825-6049