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Harper Centennial Book

Not Too Big ... But Not Too Little

Please note that I am renovating this site and this book is only partially complete.

Harper Centennial Book Cover
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We, your Harper Centennial Book Committee, have endeavored to collect the
precious memories of our town and community during its first 100 years... 1879-1979.

Time has faded some of the photographs but not the treasury of records we have attempted to collect
from as many sources as time and energy allowed. We have tried to be as accurate as possible and
have not intentionally omitted important people, places and facts. It has been work, but fun and most rewarding.

We are grateful to the many wonderful people who have aided our search and efforts
in any way and we hope this book will help preserve the memories and heritage of the past.

HARPER. . . . "NOT TOO BIG-BUT NOT TOO LITTLE.” May it live on to celebrate another centennial and still another. . . . . 

Jeanette Besser
Pauline Crooks
Marilyn Williams
Helen Bowers
Lee Jaeger
Beth Ann Aller
Virginia Gann
Jeanette Conrad


Keokuk County Atlas, 1874 Keokuk County Courthouse Records
Keokuk County History, 1880 Private Diaries
Newspaper files Personal visits with Senior Citizens
Church and School Records Fraternal Assoc. Archives

NOTE: Please contact the next Centennial Book Committee in the
year 2079 concerning any omissions, typographical errors, misspellings or any other
oversight that this Centennial Book Committee of 1979 has recorded inadvertently.

Current pictures courtesy of Larry Striegel, Harper

The bell in the logo on the cover of the book, was donated to the Methodist Church by
the Harper Brothers Publishing Company as a memento for naming the town of Harper
after the publishing company. The Methodist Church was built in 1873 and the bell called
the people to church until 1958 when the church was closed. The bell has been preserved for its historic value.
Logo designed by Henry R. Williams.

Printed by Sutherland Printing, Montezuma, Iowa 50171



Governor's Letter 2
Baden to Harper 3
Incorporation of Harper 7
Harper Plat 10
Churches and Cemeteries 10 to 17
Schools 18 to 24
Baseball 24 to 25
R. R. - Creamery - Tile Factory - Banks 26 to 31
Post Office 32
Telephone Service 34
City 36
Knights of Columbus and Other Organizations 37
Harper Plat - Buildings and Owners 41 to 44
More Organizations 45
1st Centennial Meeting 45
Harper Notable People 47
Golden Years 48
Current Business 54
Bits and Pieces 55
Harper Towns 61

64, 65, 66, 67,
, 69-71, 72,
73-75, 76-78

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79, 80, 81, 82, 83

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