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1912 Gazetteer and Business Directory

AMBROSE. A discontinued postoffice in Keokuk county, 6 miles from Keswick its banking and shipping point. Has rural delivery from Keswick.

COAL CREEK. Population, 50. In Prairie township, Keokuk county, 16 miles n. w. of Sigourney, the judicial seat, and 4 1/2 from What Cheer, its usual banking and shipping point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

DELTA. Population, 728. An incorporated town on the C., R. I. & P. Ry., in Warren township, Keokuk county,  7 1/2 miles w. of Sigourney, the judicial seat, and 81 from Des Moines. Has Christian and Methodist Episcopal churches, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the Delta Press. Tel., W. C. Exp., U. S. Telephone connection. Samuel G. Wilson, postmaster.

Baldozer Henry R, furn and undertaker.
Ball Albert, real estate.
Ball Mayme, dressmaker.
Beman Dwight, horse buyer.
Bensler James, dray.
Black & Sons (John, Alvin and Verne Black), lumber.
Brokaw Wm E, real estate and ins.
Burroughs Fred E, painter.
Burt Charles A, drugs.
Busby Wm L, physician.
Caywood Wm A, livery.
Central Hotel, Mrs R J McDonald propr.
Delta Brick & Tile Co, Joseph Stoner prop.
Delta Gas Co, J E Brainard supt.
Delta Press, J E Lewis publr.
Delta Savings Bank (capital $15,000), J R Dunn pres, E L Root cashr.
Delta Telephone Co, Lee Shaver mngr.
Delta Vehicle and Implement Co, James Hamilton jr propr.
Dunn Bros, hardware
Dunn Frank E, hardware.
Foster Raymond H, restaurant.
Hamilton James jr, propr Delta Vehicle and Implement Co.
Hankins Abel, real estate.
Hasty & Jacobs (John Hasty jr, Edson M Jacobs), clothing.
Herrick Nathan E, carp and feed mill.
Hulse Ray R, dentist.
Kinder Hotel, Jesse Kinder propr.
Kinder & Hawk (Jesse Kinder, George Hawk), livery.
Knox Hicklin, meats.
LAMBERT EUGENE C, General Store.
Lemon J E, auctioneer.
Loughridge James, horse breeder.
McDonald Mrs Itachel J, propr Central Hotel.
Mathew Lumber Co (J M and I E Mathew), lumber.
Molyneaux Stephen A, Jewelry.
Patterson Lee, restaurant.
Peoples' Savings Bank (capital $20,000), J C Reed pres, C E Beman cashr.
Piercy Frank F, physician.
Reed R F, hog breeder.
Reynolds Alfred C, produce.
Richardson Hardware Co, Wm E Richardson propr.
Richardson Homer, lumber and coal.
Sampson John R, general store.
Snyder J F, r r, exp and tel agent.
Stirlen W W, physician.
Stought & Wisler (Alvin E Stought, Eli Whisler), general store.
Tobin & Caywood (W E Tobin, Samuel Caywood), cement blocks.
Utterback & Ball, real estate.
Whyle Edward, baker.
Wilson Samuel G, postmaster.

HARPER. Population, 232. An incorporated town on the C., R. I. & P. Ry., in Lafayette township, Keokuk county, 9 miles east of Sigourney, the county seat. Has Catholic and Methodist churches and 2 banks. Tel., W. C. Exp. U. S. Telephone connection. M. J. Clarahan, postmaster.

Bower Levi, general store.
CITIZENS SAVINGS BANK (Capital $15,000), P P Pfeiffer Pres, A Striegel Cashier.
CLARAHAN M J, Postmaster.
Hammen Wm, wagonmkr.
Highberger Barney, grain and implts.
Ludwig John, furn and undertaker.
Ludwig M E, jeweler.
Peiffer Bros, hardware.
Peiffer Dorothy, milliner.
Salm & Son, harness and shoes.
Sondag N & J, drugs.
State Bank (capital $25,000), C F Singmaster pres. Chas McCarty cashr.
Striegel Albert, restaurant.
Striegel John jr, clothing.
Striegel S J, restaurant.
Striegel's Cash Grocey.
Valerius Matt, drugs.
White, Singmaster & Co, lumber and coal.

HAYESVILLE. Population, 175. On Skunk river, and on the C., M. & St. P. Ry., in Lancaster township, Keokuk county, 7 miles s. w. of Sigourney, the county seat and nearest banking point. Tel., W. U. Exp., W., F. & Co. George Richardson, postmaster.

Beall R E, meat market.
Burlington Vinegar & Pickle Co.
Grimes C O, physician.
Hankins J H Milling Co, flour mill.
Herman John, carpenter.
Knight Z W, r r, exp and tel agt.
RICHARDSON GEORGE, General Store and Postmaster.
Robertson & Utterback, general store.
Zuellen George, wagonmkr.

HEDRICK. Population, 978. An incorporated town located on the C., B. & Q., M. & St. L. and the C., M. & St. P. Rys., in Benton township, Keokuk county, 14 1/2 miles s. w. of Sigourney, the county seat, 15 n. of Ottumwa and 95 s. e. of Des Moines. Has Baptist, Christian, Methodist and Presbyterian churches, good schools, 3 banks and a weekly newspaper, the Journal. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams and W., F. & Co. Telephone connection. John C. Foster, postmaster.

Bayne John H, real estate.
Beals Jeptha D, photographer.
Beck D E, agt C, B & Q Ry.
Bottroff John W, produce.
Bowers George G, shoes.
Broadwell Lumber Co, M F Broadwell propr.
Brunson Newton H, produce.
Burtlow Wm, plasterer.
CECIL BROS & UTTERBACK (Chester C and Charles L Cecil, Adna M Utterback), Real Estate and Live Stock.
Cohagan James E, hardware.
Commercial Hotel, Mrs Elma Staples propr.
Cooper W H, auctioneer.
Dean Henry N, real estate.
Depot Hotel, Mrs A J Anderson propr.
Duke George T, real estate.
Eller Cecil L, dentist.
Filmer B A, physician.
First National Bank (cap $25,000), J T Brooks pres, H C Lynn cashier.
Foster John C, real estate.
Gambell E R & R E (Edward R and Ralph E), harness. Gorham Eugene I, restaurant.
Harkins George W, real estate.
Hedrick Brick & Tile Works, C E Whitney mngr.
Hedrick Implement Co (Wm J and Claude E Waters).
HEDRICK JOURNAL (Weekly), R S Martin & Sons Proprs, C J Martin Editor and Publisher.
HEDRICK STATE BANK (Capital $25, 000), JB Mowrey Pres, Frank J Tinsley Cashr.
Hedrick State Savings Bank (cap $10,000), J T Brooks pres, H C Lynn cashr.
Hedrick Telephone Co, Jesse Breon mngr.
Henry Rex V, physician.
Henry & Morgan (Margaret Henry, Lizzie Morgan), milliners.
Holtzhauser & Souer (J P Holtzhouser, Fred Souer), live stock.
Ide A G & Co, Albert G Ide propr, grocers.
Jackson R B & Son (Richard B and Wm P), grocers.
Jones James W, flour and feed.
Kirkpatrick Wade, mayor and insurance.
McMickle Andrew J, coal and feed.
McWilliams W C & Co (Wm C and John McWilliams), grocers.
MARTIN CHARLES J, Insurance and Billposter, Editor Hedrick Journal.
Martin R S & Sons (R S, W D and C J), proprs Hedrick Journal.
Mason Wm F, furniture and undertaker.
Mathews Jeston A, drugs.
Matthews Milling Co, Isaac M Matthews propr, feed mill.
Mick C Frank, livery.
Miller Clarence G, general store.
O'Neil Charles V, handle mnfr.
Porter Henry C, physician.
Porter James W, physician.
Redmon Bros (Arvel C and F LeRoy), grocers.
Ritter John P, drayage.
Ruthenberg Clothing Co, Guy E Loehr mngr.
Shaw George A, r r exp and tel agt.
Sheets Charles B, auto garage.
Staples Mrs Elma, prop Commercial Hotel Stephenson Fred W, jeweler.
Stolte Frank L, drugs.
Stonebreaker Joseph H, meats.
Storey Gary W, hardware.
Turnipseed Lee D, restaurant.

IOKA. A discontinued postoffice in Keokuk county. Has rural free delivery from Hedrick.

KEOTA. Population, 988. An incorporated town on the Oskaloosa branch of the C., R. I. & P. Ry. It is on the eastern line of Keokuk county and on the high prairie divided between the English and the Skunk rivers, being 8 or 9 miles from each, 14 e. of Sigourney, the judicial seat, and 102 s. e. of Des Moines. It is the shipping point of a large stock raising district, and the number of fine draft and carriage horses shipped from here has made this point a well known market for this industry. Two of the largest horse importing and shipping companies of Iowa are located here and the benefit of enterprises of such magnitude is of great advantage to the citizens. The public schools are exceptionally good. There are 6 churches, a weekly newspaper and 3 banks. The town has a public library, electric light plant, water works, fire department, good drainage, telephone exchange, etc. Exp., U. S. Tel., W. U.; L. E. Hulse, postmaster.

Ash & Smith (L B Ash, Homer E Smith), shoes.
Bower, Sanders & Co (E E Bower, B L Sanders, A L Embree, J G Arnold), genl store.
Brice Mrs Minerva, milliner.
Brown Bernard B, r r, tel and exp agt.
Charlton Wm R, real estate.
Clendenning Arthur A, plumber.
Coffman Bros (R W and E R), propr New Commercial Hotel.
Conklin Bros (G A & W L), carpenters.
Cupp Alphonso B, implements.
Dill Daniel, cattle breeder.
Dings Samuel, physician.
Droz A John, physician.
Erdice Elmer S, pianos and automobiles.
Erdice Warren E, jeweler.
Farmers Pioneer Mutual Fire Ins Co, H P Newton sec.
Farmers Savings Bank (capital $30,000), S S Wright pres, D D Crone cashr.
Fitzgerald Lawrence W, vet surg.
Gammon Frank E, livery.
Gilbert Edwin C, mayor.
Graham John F, real estate.
Gray Clara, physician.
Gregory Wm S, poultry breeder, 1 mi e.
GUE FRANK D, Proprietor Keota Electric, Light and Power Plant and Coal Dealer.
Hamilton Bros (Ralph C and John), horse breeders.
Hamilton, Talley & Hamilton (Cleve C Hamilton, J P Talley, W H Hamilton), lawyers.
Harding J W, grain elevator.
Helscher Bros (George and Bert), genl store.
Henness F G, hardware.
Hiller Bros, moving pictures.
Hinsdill Lyman R, physician.
Hochstadtler August, dray.
Holmes & Dunshee (George H Holmes, Reno B Dunshee), grocers.
Hulse A A & Co (Addison A and Minerd) general store.
Hulse-Seydel Shoe Co (L E Hulse, H E Seydel). Hulse A A & Co (A A and Minerd Hulse) general store.
Hulse L Elmer, postmaster.
Keiser Charles O, real estate.
Keota Concert Band, Wray Hiller leader.
Keota Eagle (weekly), Richardson Bros publrs.
Keota Electric Light and Power Plant, Frank D Gue propr.
Keota Ladies Band, Wm Langenberg leader.
Keota Lumber Co, Fred H Capion mngr.
Keota Produce Co, James McJunken.
Keota Telephone Co, Henry Dupuis mgr.
Keota Water Works Co (city owner), R H Henry mngr.
Kirkpatrick Ray, dentist.
Leinen John P, meats.
LINDLE HOTEL, Ort Waters Propr.
Lodwig Arilius S, mason.
Long Andrew A, harness.
Longenecker Mrs L, carpet weaver.
LONGMAN JOHN, Real Estate, Foreign Lands a Specialty.
Longman Mrs John, hotel.
McNurlen A C, auctioneer.
MENURLEN REALTY CO (A C and N G McNurlen, J M White), Farm Lands, Local and Foreign, Town Property, Auctioneering.
Marr L A & Sons (L A, Isaac and Thos), produce.
Morris Thomas A, hardware.
Moritz Simon, clothing.
Neal Edwin E, photographer.
New Commercial Hotel, Coffman Bros propr.
Palmer Webb T, dentist.
Palmer Oren, dray.
Pershing Frank O, physician.
Ramsey E J, baker.
Pulver Clark, piano tuner.
Racine Frank W, notions.
Richardson Mrs Aaron, carpet weaver.
Richardson Bros (Austin H and John C), publrs Keota Eagle.
Richardson Jonathan F, physician.
Richardson Robert L, furn and undertaker.
Ruthenberg Clothing Co, T T Warren propr.
Sanders Archie D, restaurant.
Shearer Wm T, drugs.
Singmaster C F & Son (Charles F and Charles A), horse breeders.
Singmaster J O & Son (J Omer and Charles Omer), horse breeder.
Singmaster Thomas, horse breeder.
Smith Boyd B, drugs.
SMITH FREDERICK, Lawyer, All Kinds of Legal Business Promptly Attended.
State Bank of Keota (capital $50,000), C F Singmaster pres, C A Lacey cashr.
Stewart A E & Sons (Arthur E, Frank and James), live stock.
STEWART CHESTER J, Dealer in Automobiles, Supplies and Repairs, First Class Garage, Repair Work of all Kinds.
Stewart J Warren, live stock.
Thomson Leonard O, real estate.
Thomson T S & Co (T S and J S Thomson, Joseph Young), grocers.
Union State Bank (capital $35,000), O K Stoutner pres, John Randolph cashier.
Van Winkle Bros & Co (A S, J R and James Van Winkle), carriage mfrs.
Verwers Cornelius, jeweler.
Vincent George D, cattle breeder, 2 mi se.
Vollquardsen August, painter.
WATERS ORT, Propr Lindle Hotel.
Weibel J H, vet surg.
WERTZ JOHN R. Blacksmith, Wagon maker and General Repairing.
WHITE J M AUTO CO, J M White Mgr. Automobiles, Accessories and Supplies. Prest-O-Lite Station.
Wilkinson W H, carpet weaver.
Wright Samuel S, lumber.
Zink Emma E, milliner.
Zink E E & Son (Emma E and Lloyd D), bakers.

KESWICK. Population, 325. A village on the South English river, and on the C., R. I. & P. Ry, in Adams township, Keokuk county, 10 miles n. of Sigourney, the county seat. It has 2 churches, graded public school and 2 banks. Tel., W. U. Exp., U. S. Frank Pine, postmaster.

Burdine Warren, hardware.
Elick John, genl store, clothing and shoes.
Farmers' Savings Bank (capital $20,000), C O Rah pres, Russel Jarvis cashr.
Fasold D. hardware and agrl impits.
Fasold Walter, jeweler.
Home Lumber Co, grain and coal.
Irwin R E, rr, exp and tel agt.
Keswick Brick & Tile Factory.
Keswick Jewelry Co, C M Hummer mgr.
Keswick Savings Bank (capital $20,000), Joshua Bates pres, A W Kadel cashr.
Negus & Negus, physician.
Oster J W, general store.
Parke A T & Co, furn and undertakers.
PINE FRANK, Postmaster.
Rigle D B, restaurant.
Shaw D H, hotel.
Toothman L D, drugs.
US Express Co, R E Irwin agt.
Western Union Telegraph Co, R E Irwin agt.

KINROSS. Population, 142. On the C., R. & P. Ry., in Liberty township, Keokuk county, 18 miles n. e. of Sigourney, the county seat. Has Catholic, Christian and Methodist Episcopal churches and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., U. S.; Frank E. Kerr, postmaster.

Carter W W, live stock.
Carter & Glanz, real estate and loans.
Cashman C F, physician.
Eckerman C L, meats and grocer.
Denton Wm R, livery.
Fisher Mathew A, gen store and grain.
Hennes F J, hardware and pumps.
Hudson Joseph, carpenter.
Jack & Brock, real estate and loans.
Kelly A J, live stock.
KERR FRANK E, Drugs and Postmaster.
Kinross Savings Bank (capital $10,000), John F Herr pres, S R Brock cashr.
McMahon C A, insurance. 
Monaghan J H, restaurant.
Niswander & Niswander, general store.
O'Brien M F, lumber and coal.
Parke J T, r r, exp and tel agent.
US Express Co, J T Parke agent.
Western Union Telegraph Co, J T Parke agent.

LANCASTER. A discontinued post office in Keokuk county, 6 miles s. e. of Sigourney, the county seat, the usual shipping and banking point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

MARTINSBURG. Population, 285. An incorporated town on the M. & St. L and C., B. & Q. Rys, (depots adjacent), in Steady Run township, Keokuk county, 14 miles s. of Sigorney, the county seat. Has Methodist and Presbyterian churches, a graded public school and a bank. Exp., Adams. Tel., W. C. Emma Love, postmistress.

Cathey WC & J C, hardware.
Cook Elmer, molasses mnfr.
Cottage Hotel, Myrtle Ostrander propr.
Gilliland Henry, express agent.
Graves Johnson, undertaker and wagon maker.
Hall J L, tile mnfr.
Kupka & Wolfert, general store.
Lawson John, meats.
LOVE EMMA, Stationery, School Supplies. Post Cards and Postmaster.
Martinsburg Bank, N Ogden pres, Neri Ogden cashr.
Martinsburg Mutual Telephone Co.
Moore M F, physician.
Ogden Mercantile Co, lumber and hardware.
Peters A A & Co, drugs.
Quinn E, general store.
Richardson F F. photographer.
Sanchez Milton F, meats.
Senseney R B, furniture.
Stevenson J L. apiarist.
Sylvester W, carpenter.
Vannoy R A, rr and tel agent.

MILAN. A discontinued postoffice in Keokuk county. Send mail to What Cheer.

NASSAU. Keokuk county. Name changed to Gibson.

NUGENT. Population, 15. On the M. & St. L. Ry, in Steady Run township, in Keokuk county, 10 miles s. of Sigourney, the judicial seat, and 4 from Martinsburg, the nearest bank location.

Street L, general store.

OLLIE. Population, 289. An incorporated town on the M. & St. L. Ry., in Jackson township, Keokuk county, 15 miles s. e. of Sigourney, the county seat. Has Baptist and Methodist churches, a weekly newspaper, the Ollie News, and a bank. Exp. Adams. Tel, W. U.; George McKinnis, postmaster.

Baber E D, general store.
Brady B L, general store.
Brain H J, hardware and implts.
Fye E G, meats.
Griffith J C, harness.
Halferty John, grocer.
Halferty Wm, stone mason.
Halferty Z G, rr and exp agt.
Halferty & Shelly, coal and cement tile mnfrs.
Haskins M E, furniture and undertaking.
Kuch W L, drugs.
Lamb L, physician.
McCarty C F, carpenter.
McCarty W H, grain buyer.
McKinnis C, physician.
MCKINNIS GEORGE, Postmaster, Mayor and Jeweler.
McKinnis G G, painter and paper hanger.
Marlow F M, carpenter.
Meredith T B, restaurant.
Miller T A, live stock.
Ollie Cornet Band, J G Fye leader.
Ollie News.
Ollie Savings Bank (capital $12,000), S Andrews pres, J N Stahl cashier.
Pickering W E, livery.
Sheets L N, live stock.
Shriner Charles, physician.
Steigleder G A, lumber.
Terrell J J, feed mill.
Terrell J J & Son, hardware.

PEKIN. Population, 40. On the Burlington Route, in Keokuk county, 15 miles s. of Sigourney, the judicial seat. Has a bank. Exp., Adams. Tel., W. U.

Braden Harve, elevator.
Echley W I, agrl implts, hardware, lumber and salt.
FARMERS SAVINGS BANK BANK (Capital $11,000), G W Zepp Pres, W F McCreery Cashier.
Toomire C O, elevator and coal.
Toomire & Co, general store.

RICHLAND. Population, 613. An incorporated town located on the M. & St. L. and the C., M. & St. P. Rys., in Richland township, Keokuk county, 22 miles s. e. of Sigourney, the county seat. Has Christian, Friends and Methodist Episcopal churches, a graded public school, 2 banks and a weekly newspaper, the Clarion. Stage twice daily to Woolson, 2 miles distant; fare, 25 cents. Exp., Adams and W., F. & Co. Telegraph and telephone facilities. F. J. Fearis, postmaster.

Allen Furniture Co, Alvin S Allen propr.
Allerdice Hugh M, hardware.
Bailey Lottie, milliner.
Bales Silas, plasterer.
Barnett Winston F, drugs.
Brady Bros (Wm A and Alonzo C), wool buyers.
Bruns Henry, grocer.
Chacey Del H, photographer.
Clarion The, Blanche Cook publr.
Dodds W E, physician.
Emery Eli, live stock.
Ewell Wardlow, physician.
Fearis Fred J, notary public and ins and postmaster.
First National Bank (cap $25,000), C F Singmaster pres, T F McCarty cashier.
Foote Lewis L, dentist.
Graham, Latimer & Brunt, John A Brunt mngr, dry goods.
Green John W, clothing.
Greenlee John A, live stock.
Hinson Luther P, jeweler.
Irwin Ralph M, dentist.
Johnson Oswald N, live stock.
Jones Jacob, grocer.
Irwin Samuel R, propr Swayze Hotel.
Lewis S F & Son, bus line.
Lockyer Charles, meats.
Melin W C, agt M & St L Ry.
Mills Macy M, vet surgeon.
Mills' Orchestra, Lemma T Mills leader.
Moorman Pashal, lawyer and mayor.
Morain G L, feed mill and broom mnfr.
Neville & Johnson (Clarence Neville, M Ernest Johnson), implts and hdware.
Olive Mercantile Co, D C Olive propr, general store.
Payne John E, physician.
Payne Robert H, physician.
Pendergraft & Bowman (Harry Pendergraft, Joseph W Bowman), meats.
Publr. Richland Telephone Exchange Co, L P Hinson mngr.
Seyb Theo, harness.
Smith J W, livery.
Smith & Brady (Fred W Smith, Wm A Brady), hardware and lumber.
Smith & Emry (Jesse W Smith, El Emry), real estate.
Snider M Luther, grocer.
Steele Elmer E, grocer.
Steele & Hollowell (Elmer E Steele, Woody Hollowell), auto garage.
Swayze Dr Henry A, drugs.
Swayze House, S R Jones propr.
Tracy H W, live stock.
Trigg George W, poultry.
Union State Bank (capital $25,000), O N Johnson pres, A F Bridger cashier.
Vaskine H Duane, restaurant.
Wade & Harlan (John H Wade, Frank Harlan), carpenters.
Ward V Wm, live stock.
Wilson John, agt C M & St P Ry.
Wyckoff James L, dry goods.

SIGOURNEY. Population, 2,032. The county seat of Keokuk county, is located on the C., M. & St. P. and C., R. I. & P. Rys. (depots 600 yards apart), 28 miles n. e. of Ottumwa, 62 s. w. of Cedar Rapids, and 75 n. of Burlington. It is surrounded by some of the finest farming lands in the state and has 7 churches, a high and 2 public schools, 4 banks, 2 weekly newspapers. Ships grain, flour, produce, butter, eggs, etc. Has electric light, paved streets, a good system of water works and fire protection. Exp., U. S. and W., F. & Co. Tel, W. U.; L. H. Hinkley, postmaster.

Akerman George, real estate.
Allgayer & Brown (Matilda Allgayer, Leona Brown), milliners.
Armstrong John, meats.
Bartholomew L W, jeweler.
Baylor Furniture Co (Charles and John Baylor), furn and undertaking.
Bell Show Print Co, Wm A Bell mngr.
Bensmiller Realty Co (Anthony J Bensmiller, Cornelius M Dunn, Clarence G Hartzell). Blaise A M, horse breeder.
Brown Harry G, cattle breeder.
BROWN CASSIUS M, Attorney and Abstracter.
Carson George A, furn and undertaker.
CEDAR RAPIDS OIL CO (Cedar Rapids) Bruce McKay Mngr.
Citizens' Savings Bank (capital $25,000), D Snakenberg pres, S W Richardson cashier.
COOK GEORGE E, Propr Hotel St Charles.
Crawford R L, county recorder,
Croneweth John W, jeweler.
Dern Wesley, insurance.
Downey James, live stock and livery.
Dulin & Dulin (John A and Tarana G), phys.
Dupuis Fred, garage.
Eastburn W W, physician.
Elliott C H, broom mnfr.
Elliott & Pancoast (Neil J Elliott, Raymond F Pancoast), hdware and implts.
Etter Wm L, publr Sigourney Review.
Everman J A, broom mnfr.
Fear Milo F, dentist.
Ferguson Charles W, vet surgeon.
First National Bank (capital $75,000), H G Brown pres, J R Mackey cashr.
Fellman Frank, restaurant.
Franken Edwin, drugs.
Fulton Charles E, restaurant.
Funk Lucius A, flour mill.
Gallaher George L, agt C, M & St P Ry.
Gambell Wm C, lawyer.
Gilbert James, painter.
Goeldner Ferdinand L, lawyer.
Goeldner Hugo F, lawyer.
Goeldner Louis J, feed barn.
Golden Eagle Clothing Co, James Stirlen mngr.
Goldthwait Guy G, dentist.
Graham, Latimer & Henderson (C L Graham, N P Latimer, L F Henderson), dry goods.
Gregory Wm T, bowling alley.
Griffin George M Creamery Co, R E Gould mngr, creamery and produce.
Haffner Drug Co (Fred Haffner, Robert Jugenheimer), drugs.
Hahn & Shanafelt (Walter A Hahn, Wm B Shanafelt), shoes.
Hamilton Daniel W, lawyer.
Hamilton Land Co (D W Hamilton, John Baty, WH Richardson), real estate.
Hankins Grace, public stenographer.
HANKINS & CO (Wm H. Hazel and Grace Hankins), Abstracts and Loans. Over Twenty Years Experience as an Abstracter.
Hanlon Wm S, grocer.
Hardesty & Beasley (Earl Hardesty, Homer Beasley), bus line.
Hartley Purlia, restaurant.
Heaton Harley E, restaurant.
Heninger Charles C, lawyer and abstracts.
Hinkle Clarence R, chiropractor.
Hinkle Cora E, chiropractor.
Hinkle Joseph D, chiropractor.
Hinkley Luther H, dentist and postmaster.
James George S, loans and insurance.
Jenkins & Harned (W J Jenkins, Sidney Harned), grocers.
Johnson Albert P, physician (R).
Johnson Henry M, carpenter.
Johnston Curtis G, lawyer.
Jones Gildra J, optician.
Kelley Lumber Co, Evan H Kelley mngr, lumber and coal.
Keokuk County News (weekly, Thurs., Rep), W M Needham Co publrs, Sherman W Needham editor.
Keokuk County State Bank (cap $50,000), S W Brunt pres, A H Brunt cashr.
Kracht Bros (Louis and Gustav), carriage mnfrs.
Kracht Bros & Shanafelt (Louis and Gustav Kracht, Gilbert G Shanafelt), garage.
Legg John A, horse breeder.
Leichty Chris, cement vaults and tile.
Long John K, live stock.
Lusch Mrs M E, propr Union Hotel.
Lyon Thomas J, drayage.
Lyons Clyde A, harness.
McCarty & Miller (J T McCarty, Charles Miller), grocers.
McCoy George, dray.
McCreery J S, oils.
McNurlen Arthur W, restaurant.
Mahan Sidney W, produce.
Mitts John, livery.
Mohme Christena S, cleaning.
Moore James A, agt C, RI & P Ry.
Neas & Son (Alexander and Harry M), lumber and coal.
Needham Sherman W, editor Keokuk County News. Needham W H Co (Wm H, Clarence K and John R Needham), publrs Keokuk County News.
Nelson J M, vet surgeon.
Niman Fred, grain.
Oliver Leonard B, (R) physician.
Page Mrs Frank & Co (Mrs Frank and Adelle Page), milliners.
Pauls Lumber Co (Washington, Ia), R A Schultz mngr, lumber and coal.
Pennington Homer, moving pictures.
Pennington & Son (I F and W Homer), grocers.
People's Telephone Co, F E Dupuis prop. Pfannebecker Wm, physician.
Putnam A E & Co, Alfred E Putnam mngr, dry goods.
Ragan Philip, plasterer.
Randall Oscar L, pianos.
Reed & Kelly (Jay D Reed, Daniel S Kelly), restaurants.
Reynolds Isabelle, notions.
Rice Robert M, live stock.
ST CHARLES HOTEL, George E Cook Propr, Electric Light, Steam Heat, Running Water in All Rooms.
Schiflet A J, coal.
Schipfer Bros (Francis, Herman, Louis, Oscar, Eugene and Fred), general store.
Schneider John H, baker.
Seibel Hardware Co (Frank J Seibel, Don Adams).
Seliger & Schlitz (Wm Seliger, John A Schlitz), shoes.
Seymour John F, china, books and stationery.
Sherlock Margaret, phys.
Sigourney Electric Co (J F Bray, R L Van Meter).
Sigourney Review (weekly, Wed, Dem), W L Etter publr.
Sigourney Roller Mills, Gust Schemmelpfennig propr.
Sigourney Tailoring Co, J N Rainey mgr.
Smith T M, granite and marble works.
Snakenberg Frank D, harness.
Snakenberg Roy W, dentist.
Stevenson R H, vet surgeon.
Stockman & Baker (David T Stockman, George B Baker), lawyers.
Strain A N, agt US Express Co.
Strain Mrs A N, agt Wells, Fargo Co Express.
Strawbridge Frank A, physician.
Talley & Hamilton (John P Talley, W H Hamilton), lawyers.
Tillmans Carl S J, physician. 
Turner-Pfaff Clothing Co The (O H Turner pres, F W Pfaff treas, L M Pfaff sec.
US Express Co, A N Strain agt.
Union Hotel, Mrs M E Lusch propr.
Union Savings Bank (cap $37,500), H G Brown pres, J R Mackay cashier.
Updegraff & Korf (Robert H Updegraff, Albert B Korf), grocers.
Vittetoe Luke, drugs.
Wagner Henry F, lawyer.
Weller Wm, drugs.
Wells, Fargo Co Express, Mrs A N Strain agent.
Wertz Burton, moving pictures.
White J S & Son (James S and Bert), grocers.
Wilcoxon Kleber E, judge district court.
Wilson W W, coal.
Wylie James H, lawyer.
Yerger & Snyder (Frank F Yerger, Henry E Snyder), meats.

SOUTH ENGLISH. Population, 338. An incorporated town on the C., R. I. & P. Ry., in English River township, Keokuk county, 14 miles n. e. of Sigourney, the judicial seat, and 90 from Des Moines. It has Baptist, Christian and Methodist churches, a graded public school and a bank. Exp., U. S. Tel., W. U.; W. N. Horn, postmaster.

Austin H M, physician.
Bower Peter, hog breeder.
Boyd Mrs Mary M, millinery.
Cabler Edward, apiarist.
Clannin O S, photographer.
Coffman David B, furn and undertaker.
Coffman G I, auto garage.
Coffman Wm L, drugs and jewelry.
Cook G W, hog breeder.
Cox J H, meats and livery.
Euler Frank, drugs.
Farmers Savings Bank.
Gemmill John, mayor.
Good Bros, cement blocks.
Graves & Bamhart, real estate.
Home Lumber Co.
HORN W NEWTON, Postmaster, Insurance and Notary.
Horn & Clark (W Newton Horn, Clarence G Clark), genl store.
Hotchkiss W N, restr.
IOOF Opera House.
Keiser J E & Son, feed mill.
Lester James H, hardware.
McDowell C, restr.
Mutual Telephone Co.
Powell L J & Co, hardware.
Radebaugh James, hotel.
Saforek V. rr, exp and tel agt.
Sheoffer O W, grocer.
Shipman Edgar I, harness.
Sloan J W, marble and granite works.
South English Brick & Tile Co.
Stidger T F, dentist.
Stoner S W & Sons, live stock.
White J F & Son, bankers.
White Theodore E, genl store.

TALLEYRAND. Population, 100. A settlement on Skunk river, in Clear Creek township, Keokuk county, 15 miles e. of Sigourney, the county seat, and 5 1/2 s. of Keota, the nearest railroad station and banking point. Mail, daily. J. F. Abraham, postmaster.

ABRAHAM J F, Grocer, Tinware, Dry Goods, Hardware and Postmaster.
Foul Louis, cooper.
Tinnes Nicholas, general store.

THORNBURG. Population, 233. An incorporated town on the C., R. I. & P. Ry., in Prairie township, Keokuk county, 15 miles n. w. of Sigourney, the judicial seat. Has Christian and Methodist Episcopal churches and a bank. Exp., U. S. Tel., W. U.; Geo. H. Pendleton, postmaster.

Biddleman V F, general store.
Branson J L, lumber.
Davis Ami, mngr telephone exchange.
Dreagert & Pendleton, general store.
Hamilton C M, physician.
Johnston Sisters, milliners.
Latham E B, r r, exp and tel agt.
McCracken James, hardware.
Morton Bros, drayage.
Pendeman E F, livery.
Pendleton George H, postmaster.
Proctor J W, drugs.
THORNBURG SAVINGS BANK (Capital $15,000), E R Hatcher Pres, Henry E Hervey Cashr.
US Express Co. E B Latham agt.
Western Union Telegraph Co, E B Latham agt.

WEBSTER. Population, 127. On the C., R. I. & P. and C., M. & St. P. Rys. (depots 125 yards apart), in English River township, Keokuk county, 9 miles n. of Sigourney, the county seat. Has Congregational and Methodist Episcopal churches and a bank. Exp., U. S. and W., F. & Co. Tel., W. U. Telephone con nection. Lucy Parke, postmaster.

Boland C H, live stock.
Claypool J T, hotel and livery.
Edwards W E, lumber and coal.
Heaton S E & Co, grocer and hdware.
Kelley Mrs H S, agt C, R I & P Ry and US Express.
Meredith F L, agt C, M & St P R R and Wells, Fargo & Co Express.
Parke Lucy, postmaster.
Rubens G E, general store.
Swails M H, restr and drayage.
WEBSTER SAVINGS BANK (Capital $10,000), J A Dubin Pres, S T Wheeler Cashier.

WHAT CHEER. Population, 1,720. An incorporated city on the C., R. L. & P. and C. & N. W. Rys. (depots 700 feet apart), in Keokuk county, 12 miles n. w. of Sigourney, the seat of justice, 76 w. of Muscatine and 85 e. of Des Moines. It contains Methodist, Christian, Presbyterian, Baptist, Episcopal and Catholic churches, good schools, 3 banks, 2 weekly newspapers, the Chronicle and the Patriot. Coal mining is a principal industry. The city is lighted by electricity. Principal shipments are coal, live stock and grain. Telephone connection. Tel., W. U. Exp., Am. and U. S.

Abel J F, veterinarian.
Arganbright Charles W, photogr.
Arie & King (Lizzie Arie, Edith King), restaurant.
Atwood Coal Co, James L Mitchell bus mngr, coal miners.
Barton James F, harness.
Baughman George P, dentist.
Baylor Furniture Co (John T and Charles E Baylor), furn and undertkg.
Beam Baking Co (John W, Harry W and Clyde O Beam), bakers.
Beason Ellis, jeweler.
Bedford Wm & Son, grocers and shoes.
Blacketer Leslie, laundry.
Bonsall Wm T, insurance.
Bruhn Charles J, meats.
Buckles & Phillips (Frank M Buckles, Wm T Phillips), hardware.
Butler & Ridley (James T Butler, Henry Ridley), meats.
Central Savings Bank (cap $15,000), L C Wilson pres, GM Paull cashr.
Cilley C Sidney, physician.
Clutter Bert, drugs.
COMMERCIAL HOTEL, Mrs Jobe Mowe Propr. Electric Light, Steam Heat, Sample Rooms.
Cooley Willard L, auto garage.
Crowe Edward E, restaurant.
Doan Ernest L, auctioneer.
Down George, mason.
Eclipse House, Mrs Joseph Rogers propr.
Ellis George P, mason.
Emery Frank L, automobiles.
Engelmann Andrew L, dentist.
First National Bank (cap $50,000), James L Mitchell pres, W T Bonsall cashr.
Fletcher John, feed barn.
Fletcher John T, carpenter.
Geneva Alfred A, grocer.
Gilhausen J Paxton, racket store.
Hall J F & Son (James F and George), farm impits.
Halsey & Richardson (Henry G Halsey, Thomas G Richardson), hardware.
Harbison & Legoe (Calvin W Harbison, Thomas C Legoe), lawyers.
Hardy W C, grain.
Harlan Grocery (Humphrey M Harlan, George D Horras), grocers.
Harlan & Hatcher (Charles Harlan, Erastus R Hatcher), dry goods.
Harris Charles M, harness.
Henry Mrs Alliene L, restaurant, ice cream mnfr and bottler.
Herenden C K, carp.
Herrmann Frederick T, tailor.
Holland Elisha, poultry breeder.
Keating Stephen J, notions.
King Jay, real estate and insurance.
Kinsey Joseph W, agt C, R I & P Ry.
Kolling Charles, grocer.
Kunath Otto C, jeweler.
Lambert & Kommelter (Eugene C Lambert,  Joseph Kommelter), grocers and shoes.
Lawson Mrs Debble C, milliner.
McClenahan Abraham L, feed barn.
McMullen J F, auctioneer.
Malone A W, auctioneer.
Masonic Opera House, George A Poff, mngr.
Milburn Thomas, grocer.
Mitchell Bros (Harry L and James L), clothing.
Moode Wm F, hardware.
MOWE MRS JOBE, Propr Commercial Hotel.
Mowery George M, live stock dir.
Nelson Hotel, Mrs Robert Scott propr.
New Eureka Theatre The, Schoonover & Kunath proprs, moving pictures.
Nicholson Grant G, brick and tile mnfr.
Poff George A, publr What Cheer Chronicle.
Pollock Edward R, livery.
Rayner Herbert W, physician.
Reed Wm R, jewelry and drugs.
Reisman Stephen E, produce.
Robinson John H, meats.
Schimmelpfennig George, feed mill.
Shaw Dennis, livery.
Snouffer John T, dry goods.
Sprinkle Charles C, restaurant propr Sunbeam Theatre
Storey Michael, grocer.
Sunbeam Theatre, C C Sprinkle propr, moving pictures.
Taylor Charles B, phys.
Thomas Wm P, confr.
Trimble Guy, osteopath.
Valley Lumber Co, Denis Stapleton pres and mngr, C M Stapleton sec and treas, lumber and coal.
Volunteer Coal Co, miners.
Walker Roswell O, agt C & N W Ry.
What Cheer Chronicle (weekly), G A Poff publr.
What Cheer Clay Products Co, G F Barsalou pres, E G Nelson sec, W D Barnard treas.
What Cheer District Fair Assn, James A Stephenson pres, George A Poff sec.
What Cheer Electric Light and Power Co, Dr L C Wilson propr.
What Cheer Mutual Telephone Co, Wilson Emmons, Charles Brower and Frank Wilson directors.
What Cheer Patriot, What Cheer Printing Co publrs.
What Cheer Printing Co, publrs What Cheer Patriot.
WHAT CHEER SAVINGS BANK (Established 1887, Capital $30,000), Eli Horn Pres, Wm C Windett Cashr.
What Cheer Tool Co, Alex Walker pres, Wm Thompson treas, W E Walker sec, miners' tools.
Whyle Arthur, baker.
Williams John C, phys.
Wilson Lanson C, phys.
WINDETT WM C, Cashr What Cheer Savings Bank and Fire Insurance.

WHITE PIGEON. A discontinued postoffice in Keokuk county, 12 miles n. of Sigourney, the county seat, and 6 from North English, whence it has rural delivery.

Harvey D L general store.
Leeson A, general store.  

Source: Keokuk County entries, R. L. Polk & Co.'s Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1912-1913, Vol. XVI
Transcribed by a volunteer and uploaded by Lynn Diemer-Mathws on September 11, 2022.