ÛWho's Who in Jones County, Iowa

Compiled and edited by Frank C. Lake and Lloyd N. Prince 1920-21

Includes those who were born or at any time lived in Jones county.

CLARK,Fred F., farmer, Emmetsburg; b. Mt. Vernon, . Ia., March 18, 1891; Meth.; Rep.; ed. grad. from Mt. Vernon H. S.; has B. S. in animal hus. from I. S. C.; m. Masie Gail Stephenson, Feb. 2, 1918; has been in agr. extension work and co. agr. agt. work since the middle of June 1916; during period of war spent practically entire time doing war work; mem. Emmetsburg Curl or Literary Club, Masonic bodies. Former residences, Mt. Vernon, la., from date of birth to 1916; from 1916 to Jan. 1, 1920, Jones Co., la.

DAVIDSON, Harold E., lawyer, Clarinda; b. Clinton, Ia., March 1, 1891; Christian; Rep.; ed. Clinton H. S. grad., Drake Univ. Liberal Arts 2 yrs.; grad. law Drake Univ. 1916 L. L. B. degree; identified with various Clarinda bus. enterprises; mem. Ia. State legislature 38th G. A.; past comdr. of Surgy post of la. branch Am. Legion 1919-20; sec. Lieut, inf. U. S. army 1918; sec. Am. Red Cross 1917; mem. 4 minute men's organization 1917; mem. Coll. frat. Chi Delta, A. F. and A. M., K. P., Ia. State Bar Assn., Country Club. Former residences, Olin, Ia., from 1891 to 1910; Des Moines 1910-16.

DOXSEE, Jacob W., lawyer and banker, Monticello; b. Western Star, Summit Co., O., Jan. 17, 1857; Rep.; ed. B. S. Ia. State Coll., 1877; m. Jessie S. Fawcett, Feb. 3, 1887, Salem, O.; child. Charles A., Mary E.; joint author with M. W. Herrick of Herrick & Doxsee's "Probate Law and Practice of Iowa"; vpres. Lovell State bank; also interested in Monticello Express; delegate to rep. nat. convention in 1904; mem. of com. notifying v-pres. candidate of his nomination; mem. Masonic bodies, K. P., Delta Tau Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, honorary frat. Former residence, Ohio until 6 yrs. of age; since then in Monticello.

FLENNIKEN, H. W., banker, Olin; b. Millville, la., Feb. 7, 1859; Rep.; cashier Citizens Sav. bank, Olin; also engaged in real estate bus.; elected State Rep. Jones Co. 1916; re-elected 1918.

HALE, John K., farmer and merchant, Anamosa; b. Guilford, Conn., Aug. 27, 1858; Rep.; ed. rural sch.; buys and sells grain; grocery and meat bus.; twp. trustee and co. supervisor Jones Co., 8 yrs.; elected rep. from Jones Co. in 36th G. A.; elected state sen. in 1916; re-elected in 1920.

HUGHES, W. P., publisher, Council Bluffs; b. near Hanover, 111., July 6, 1869; Prot.; Rep.; ed. Northern Illinois Coll., no degree; Dixon Univ. of Business; m. Eva Jane Dickinson, 1898, Sabula, Ia.; v.-pres. and genl. mngr. Daily Nonpareil; taught in business coll.; worked in law office and all departments of newspaper; mem. Rotary Club, B. P. O. E. Former residences, Jones Co., Ia., until 1888; Kearney, Neb., 1888-91; Sanborn, Ia., 1891-93; Marshalltown, Ia., 1893-1909.

KIMBALL, Clem. F., lawyer, Council Bluffs; b. Anamosa, Ia., Aug. 11, 1868; Cong.; Rep.; ed. H. S., non-grad.; Ia. S. Coll., 1889, B. of E.; Univ. of Mich., 1895, L. L. B.; m. Carroll Williams. Sept. 1, 1905, Wyoming, Ia.; child., John W., True; practiced law for 25 yrs.; asst. co. atty., Pottawattamie Co., 1899-03; city solicitor Council Bluffs, 1906-12; state sen. 19th dist., 1913-21; chmn. Cities and Towns Ways and Means and Retrenchment and Reform Corns.; supreme rep. K. P. of Ia.; mem. Masons, Woodmen, and other orders, Country Club of Council Bluffs. Former residence, Anamosa, from birth until 1905.

LANIGAN, John T., printing, Monticello; b. Mauds, O., Apr. 12, 1867; Cath.; Dem.; ed. Masen H. S.; Nat. Normal Univ. (Lebanon, O.); m. Katherine Drees, May 15, 1911; editor, manufacturer of auto tires; real estate; postmaster; candidate for congress. Former residence, Lyons, la., 1901.

MOORE, E. R., United States Marshal, Anamosa; b. Mt. Carroll, Ill., Aug. 1, 1859; Meth.; Dem.; ed. Mt. Carroll H. S., grad.; m. Mary V. Wynkoop, Nov. 28, 1900, Maquoketa, Ia.; child. Don W.; has extensive holdings in land and houses at and near Miami, Fla.; heavily interested in truck gardens near Sanford and Orlando, Fla.; co. supt. sch.; mem. state normal sch. bd. at Cedar Falls; mem. Institution for Feeble Minded Chldn. at Glenwood; U. S. Marshal; mem. Anamosa City Council and sch. bd.; mem. K. P. Former residences, Mt. Carroll and Savanna, Ill.; Oxford Junction and Anamosa, Ia., and while acting as U. S. Marshal, living at Dubuque; expects soon to live in Miami, Fla.

MOORE, Ernest R., banker, Cedar Rapids; b. Anamosa, Ia., Nov. 1, 1868; Christ.; Rep.; ed. H. S.; m. Winifred Evans, Dec. 25, 1901, Cedar Rapids, Ia.; child. Jane, Ruhama, Elizabeth, Robert; mem. House of Representatives 32nd and 33rd and 34th G. A., of la.; lieut. gov. of Ia., from Jan. 1917 to Jan. 1921; mem. of all Masonic bodies.

REMLEY, Howard M., lawyer, Anamosa; b. Lewisburg, Va., Jan. 17, 1848; Bapt.; Rep.; ed. prvt. sch.; State Univ. of la., B. A., 1869; B. L., 1872, A. M. 1874; pres. Letagathion Literary Soc.; m. Mary E. Underwood, Dec. 23, 1873, Muscatine, la.; child. Bertha; James E., Arthur L., Alfred G., Agnes, Robert G., Elsie J., Mary E., Clara L., Howard M., Jr.; author short history of the Anamosa Reformatory; mem. sch. bd. of Anamosa; Judge of the 18th Judicial dist.; pres. of the la. State S. S. convention; pres. Ia. Sabbath Assn.; pres. Ia. Baptist convention; pres. of the Jones Co. Bar Assn.; mem. of the State Bar Assn.; mem. of the Beta Theta Pi, frat.. Ia. State Univ. Former residences, Lewisburg, Va., from birth until Oct. 15, 1855; from 1855-72 in Johnson Co., Ia.; from 1872 to date, Anamosa.

REMLEY, James E., lawyer, Anamosa; b. Anamosa, Ia., Feb. 24, 1877; Bapt.; Rep.; ed. Anamosa H. S., June 1896; B. of Philosophy State Univ., June 1900; B. L. State Univ.. June 1901; m. Lucy Tucker, Oct. 18, 1911, Anamosa, la.; child. Mary, James; local editor of the Jones Co. C. History; dir. Niles & Watters Sav. bank; mem. Sigma Nu and Phi Delta Phi, Sons of Am. Revolution, K. P., Elks.

SHEEAN, Wm. D., chmn. Board Control State Institutions, Des Moines; b. Anamosa, la., July 7, 1867; Dem.; ed. H. S.; Coll.; m. Carrie H. Lull, 1891, Anamosa, la.; child., Carrie.; attorney, mfr. of lumber, etc.; clerk Dist. Court, mayor Anamosa, Rep., state senator, mem. Br. Control State Institutions; mem. K. P., I. O. O. F., M. W. A., Grant Club, Des Moines; Commercial Club, Des Moines. Former residence, Anamosa, la.

STIRTON, Robert C, banker, Monticello; b. Devonshire, Eng., April 2, 1861; Prot.; Dem.; ed. H. S.; m. Agnes Bourke, Cincinnati, O., Jan. 25, 1893; child., Mrs. Agnes Gearhart, Anne; cashier Lovell State bank; mem. State Senate, 30th, 31st, 32nd G. A.; mem. Masons. Came to U. S. from Scotland, Dec, 1871.



M. C. Crispin.
Dr. A. G. Hejinian.
Louis Gardner.
C. J. Cash.
Clifford L. Niles.
George W. Beaman.
Dr. E. G. Tawson.
Dr. F. B. Sigworth.
J. N. Baumel.
A. O. Sones.
R. M. Peet.
George L. Schoonover.
T. E. Watters.
Dr. A. N. Trevarthen.
Dr. B. F. Erb.
Dr. B. H. Erb.
J. A. Belknap.
D. M. Strawman.
W. S. Barker.
J. W. Conmey.
George B. Frazier.


R. Bohren.
Henry M. Carpenter.
Major Halstead M. Carpenter.
George Henry George.
Elmer E. Hicks.
Elmer E. Hoag.
John J. Locher.
George L. Lovell.
Major Lafayette W. Lovell.
Ervin E. Reed.
Harvey H. Richardson.
Charles H. Schipman.
Fred P. Stuhler.
George W. Stuhler.
William Stuhler.
John Henry Johnson Stutt.
James A. Voorhees.


A. B. = Bachelor of Arts
A. E. F. = American Expeditionary Force
Agr. = Agriculture
A. O. U. W. = Ancient Order of United Workmen
b. = born
Bapt. = Baptist B. S. = Bachelor of Science
Bd. = Board
Bus. = Business
Child. = children
Coll. = College
Cong. = Congregational
Dir. = Director
Dist. = District
Ed. = Educated
Frat. = Fraternity
G. A. = General Asssembly
Grad. = Graduated, graduate
I. O. O. F. = Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Jud. = Judicial
K. P. = Knights of Pythias
LL. B. = Bachelor of Laws
m. = Married
M. A. = Master of Arts
Mem. = Member
Meth. = Methodist
M. B. A. = Master of Business Administration
M. W. A. = Modern Woodmen of America
Nat. = National
Presb(y) = Presbyterian
Prot. = Protestant
Pub. = Public, Publisher
Rep. - Republican Representative
Sav. = Savings
Sec. = Secretary