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Round Prairie Township

Section 4
Moyer-Long Family
One burial, location approximate: Lloyd A. MOYER (1924-2012)
Section 8
Mt Zion Cemetery
1839 to present, gravel road
Section 11
Upland Swedish Lutheran Cemetery
1880 to present, paved road
Section 15
Gilmer Cemetery
1845 through 1885, in pasture
Section 19
Fiedler/Sheldon Cemetery
1850 through 1928, Drive in part way, hop creek & walk 1/4 mile - in pasture (Note: off Sequoia Ave.)
Section 19
Jones Family Cemetery
1861 through 1870, pasture (Note: lighter square near Tamarack Ave.)
Section 21
Glasgow Cemetery
1842 to present, off gravel road
Section 25
Crane Family Cemetery
1842 to present, no stones found
Farmer plowed over
Section 32
Brown Family
West side of Umber Ave. across from house at 2729, 2 burials - Karen R. BROWN LANKFORD (1971-2015) and Pearl L. BROWN (1937-2019)
Henry County, near Section 25
Lambirth Cemetery
1840 to present

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