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Places Named Fairfield & Jefferson
in Iowa

Have you ever found a tidbit of information that led you on a wild goose chase? Thought you had the right county, but ended up in the wrong state? Right township, but wrong county? Right city... or is it? Many times a resource will specify one or another and have the researcher chasing their tail wondering if they have the right location. Does 'Jefferson' mean 'Jefferson County'? Or is it the city of Jefferson in Greene County? Sometimes 'Fairfield' means Fairfield Township... we used to have one, before January 6, 1908, when its name was changed to Center Township. Maybe it's in Buena Vista County, where Ancestry tends to point people. This page should help clear up any confusion regarding Jefferson and Fairfield.

Locations named Jefferson in Iowa
1. Jefferson County, with the City of Fairfield, whose page you're currently on.
2. Jefferson Township, Adair County, IA
3. Jefferson Township, Buchanan County, IA
4. Jefferson Township, Clayton County, IA
5. Jefferson Township, Dubuque County, IA
6. Jefferson Township, Fayette County, IA
7. City of Jefferson, Grant Township, Greene County, IA, also known as 'New Jefferson'.
8. Jefferson Township, Harrison County, IA
9. Jefferson Township, Johnson County, IA
10. Jefferson Township, Louisa County, IA
11. Jefferson Township, Mahaska County, IA
12. Jefferson Township, Polk County, IA
13. Jefferson Township, Poweshiek County, IA
14. Jefferson Township, Warren County, IA
15. Jeffersonville, a ghost town in Jefferson Township, Lee County, IA, about five miles west of Viele Station along the CB&Q rail line

Locations named Fairfield in Iowa
a. Fairfield Township, Buena Vista County, IA
b. Fairfield Township, Cedar County, IA
c. Fairfield Township, Fayette County, IA
d. Fairfield Township, Grundy County, IA
e. Fairfield Township, Jackson County, IA
f. Fairfield Township, Palo Alto County, IA

A good way to make sure you have the correct location is to find your ancestors in census records. Note the location as (City/Town/Village), (Township), (County), (State). The city of Fairfield, Iowa, would be noted as "Fairfield, Center Township, Jefferson County, Iowa". While many genealogy programs omit mention of the township, your written notes should include it so there's no question you're looking in the right spot for your ancestors.

Here are some useful sites for City and Township listings in Iowa:

Townships in Iowa:

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