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Baier Family Photos

This Picture Page contains photos contributed by Gwen Cottingham featuring her BAIER ancestors -- grandparents Henry and Charlotte (KIRCHNER) BAIER and the first three of their five children. The last two children were girls, Helen and Elizabeth (who was Gwen's mother). We are grateful to Gwen for sharing these photos.

Wedding photo of Henry and Charlotte (KIRCHNER) BAIER, German immigrants. They were married on August 11, 1890, in the home of Charlotte's brother, Daniel Kirchner.


The Fairfield, Iowa, Water Works. This is an old post card, probably from around 1900.


In 1892, Henry Baier bought the Fairfield Brewery located half a mile east of the city. He renovated the building and the ice houses, and the family moved in and went into the ice business. Ice was cut from a pond on the property known as 'Brewery Lake'. The place burned to the ground in April, 1900, but Henry rebuilt the home and moved his family back in about 1902. He continued in the ice business until 1910. Pictured, left to right, are Charlotte, son Henry Jr., Henry Sr., son George and paternal grandfather Jacob Baier, who was visiting from Germany.


The ice wagon of the McClain & Baier Ice Company. This was probably taken around 1900, and likely was in some sort of parade judging from the flags on the wagon and horses.


This school picture was taken around 1901 or 1902. The name of the school isn't known, but it was likely located in Buchanan Township as that's where the family was living. Three of the Baier children are noted - August, Henry Jr. and George - but the remaining students are unidentified. Possible names may be Daniel C. and Carl A. Kirchner, and August E. Schaefer. If anyone is able to identify the remaining students, teacher, or school building, please contact the webmaster so this page can be updated.

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