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Jefferson County, Iowa, Genealogy
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Honor Roll

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Please, meet those who have served you.

Mary & Orville Prill

We are especially blessed to have great genealogical resources for Jefferson County, Iowa.  The foundation for this was laid by the work of Mary and Orville Prill. In the 1960s and into the late 1970s this couple tramped through and recorded the cemeteries of the county.  Mary's passion was genealogy.  She spent literally years daily researching the library sources, microfilms, old newspapers and courthouse records to meticulously organize and type the material into thirteen large volumes for the shelves of the Fairfield Library and the two State Historical Libraries in Iowa City and Des Moines.

Before Mary Prill died in 1979 she had enlisted the help of The Jefferson County Genealogy Society as well as others in the work she had been doing in Jefferson County genealogy.  Orville Prill died in 1997.

We also owe a great deal of gratitude to our second County Coordinator, Bill Rathbun. He ran this project from about 2000 to December, 2008. Bill passed away at the age of 91 on January 5, 2018. R.I.P., Reverend Bill... you will be dearly missed.
We are greatly blessed to have a number of people who, over time, have volunteered their talents to help make this site possible.  This page is in honor of those (but probably not all) who have provided substantial support of time and effort to this project.
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This page and this website is in memory of
Mary and Orville Prill, and Bill Rathbun,
and in Honor of
Verda Baird.

Barbara Rainbow, Site founder and first County Coordinator

Bill Rathbun, second County Coordinator

Joey Stark, current County Coordinator

Verda Baird

 Verda proved to be a good one to carry on the work.  Since that time she has updated much of the work of the Prills and has moved ahead to publish 25 or more books and articles for the local genealogy library.  During many of those years she has served as the Correspondence Secretary for the Jefferson County Genealogical Society.  Over 4,600 researchers have called on Verda to help them and found her to be a wellspring of information.  She is most proud of the collection of over 10,000 Family Sheets and 273 Family Books/Folders on the shelves of the Fairfield Library. Researchers were most happy to share data.  No one else in this county is more knowledgeable about the early families of this county than Verda Baird.

 As of January, 2010, after 33 years of great help to researchers, Verda has decided to leave the majority of the research legwork to Richard Thompson. Thank you, Verda, for your many years of dedication and hard work!

Read Verda's "Farewell" article

Our Roll Of Other Honorable Workers
Who have worked at various times and ways to make this site possible.
Jane Adams
Sherry Bash
Deborah Brownfield-Stanley
Doris Challis
Nancy Dorwart
Thelma Drey
Susan Fortune
Charlene Hixon
Clarice Hogan
Betty Hootman
Barbara Jamison
Barbara Kelley
Cathy Joynt Labath
Mary Lanigan
Sherri Meck
Partrica Morris
Debbie Nash
Judy Nue
Dee Parks
Bill Rathbun
Dorothy Rathbun
Joey Stark
Richard Thompson
Tina Vickery

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