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The Fairfield Public Library contains thousands of genealogical files, family books, and records of one sort or another. Listed below are the more commonly-requested resources with links to index pages detailing the listings available. If you are unable to come research in person, you may contact our Research Assistant for help. Simply place such a request on our QUERY page.  In your query give the type of records you're looking for, the name of the individual and the volume number and page number from the index pages. You will receive a reply from our Research Assistant within a week.  To receive copies of the material you will be asked to pay a small fee for the copy and to cover postal costs.

If your family has a Jefferson County, Iowa, connection and you have your family line developed and would like to donate a copy of it, we would be most pleased to have it in our library for other researchers to enjoy. Just make a posting on our Query page (link above) and we'll let you know where your materials can be sent.

These index pages contain the following information that can be found on the genealogical shelves of the Fairfield Public Library -
     1. Family Books and Folders - This is a list as of January, 2011, of all the Family History Books and Folders on the shelves of the Fairfield Library, as donated by descendants. Some will contain several primary names. These are reference materials only and are not available for checkout.

     2. Family Sheets by Mary Prill - These are Family Sheets compiled by the late Mary Prill from 1958 to 1978, listed alphabetically. Hard copies are bound in blue books on the shelves and this small collection is also on our site. There are several thousand more available Family Sheets at the Library.

     3. Our Jefferson County Iowa Ancestors - This is a collection of 1900 Family Sheets courtesy of Verda Baird, compiled from 1976 to 1996. The collection is bound in green books on the shelves, and an index to them is online.

     4. Family Sheets in the File Cabinet - This is the motherlode of Family Sheets... currently the cabinet contains about 10,000 sheets, mostly for families with the parents marrying prior to 1900. This is a work in progress and the collection continues to grow.

     5. Family Bibles - These are copies of family information from the Bibles of researchers. This collection is bound in two mauve volumes on the shelves.

A complete listing of the Library's Genealogy holdings can be found here.

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