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Family Lines

We have received several family genealogies from various family members.  We decided that we would put these directly on line if we are given permission do so.  We will limit the family line to individuals who were born before about 1900 even though we may have received the names of younger individuals.

If you would like to have your family genealogy on this site please send it to us as an attachment to an email for placement here.  It must be digitally prepared for placement.  We will not be able to type it up from a hard copy. You may also send some significant pictures to be a part of your family's page.


We also reserve the right to edit or refuse any items submitted for posting on this web site.

Listed below are genealogical submissions.  Listed is the names of the oldest male ancestor and the approximate dates, from earliest birth to the latest death, covered in a posted family line.

Carver, Thomas (pre 1800 to early 1900)
Copeland Family (abt. 1830 - 1bt. 1935)
Gillham Family (1700s - abt. 1910)
HOPKIRK, William and Jane (Redpath) (1811 - 1891) (Link)
KESSEL, Joseph Andrew (abt. 1810 - 1964)
LOCK, William (abt. 1780 - abt. 1940)
SCOTT Family (abt. 1725 - abt. 1859
SEARS, David (1786 - abt 1930)
SMITH, Abraham (1795 - 1909)
STALDER, Joseph (1879 - 1962)
WORKMAN, John (1750 - 1900)

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