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Genealogy Section at the
Fairfield Public Library

If you're researching your Jefferson County ancestors, you've come to the right place. This is the Genealogy Section at the Fairfield Library. Thanks to the efforts of local genealogists such as the late Orville and Mary Prill, our long-time Correspondence Secretary Verda Baird, and the many researchers who have contributed material over the years, the Genealogy Section contains a wealth of local information. Come on in, grab a book or two, have a seat and read about the folks who have made Fairfield's history.

This entire shelf contains our bound materials, including such references as...

Local cemetery burials

Neighboring county's burials

Jefferson County's Ancestors

Local Family Histories

Early Marriages, Divorces, Births and Deaths

The Coroner's Docket and an Index to Wills

Indexed Scrapbooks of Obituaries

Jefferson County Records - 'Prill Books'

In addition the Genealogy Section has loose items such as Family Sheets which may be photocopied. There are about 1900 sheets on the early settlers, and the file cabinet pictured below holds about 10,000 more sheets in six drawers.

The Library also has a microfilm reader and a film reader/printer in the Genealogy Section. On film we have such items as the 1850 Federal Census for the entire state, many of the Iowa State Censuses for our county, and local newspapers including the Batavia News, Lockridge Herald, and Fairfield Ledger. In addition there are many films covering the county done by the L.D.S. Church.

If you're unable to come research in person, we are fortunate to have volunteers who will do lookups. Some will provide lookups free of charge from resources they own, others will make trips to the cemeteries (weather permitting), Library, or Courthouse, and make copies of records for a small fee. Please see our Volunteers page or post a query on our Query Board. For a complete listing of the Fairfield Library's Genealogy Section, click here.

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