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1892 Farm Directory

The listing originally was printed with the names alphabetically under the listed post office. We are listing all of the names in alphabetical order with the post office following the name. Not all farm residents of Jefferson County had their post office in a community within Jefferson County. Where this was so we have listed the community in which their post office was located and have put the corresponding county in parentheses.

First Name
Post Office
Sackett Simeon Fairfield
Salladay Elisha D Perlee
Salts David M. Brookville
Salts Samuel Brookville
Salts W. P. A. Brookville
Samuelson A. Glasgow
Samuelson B. (Mrs.) Four Corners
Samuelson C. J. Lockridge
Samuelson John O. Packwood
Samuelson A. L. Lockridge
Sandblom John F. Salina
Sands John Fairfield
Saunders Leroy Brighton (Washington)
Sawyer B. C. Batavia
Scannell F. G. Fairfield
Schaffer Jacob Merrimac
Schaffer John Brighton (Washington)
Schanstrom J. P. Fairfield
Scheiber Henry Four Corners
Schillerstrom G. O. Glendale
Schlarbaum John Brighton (Washington)
Schlief C. (Mrs.) Fairfield
Schmadaka H. Germanville
Schmidthine C. (Schmidtlein?) Lockridge
Schnider Jacob Lockridge
Schutz Andrew Salina
Schutz Jacob Lockridge
Schwartz Abram Libertyville
Schwartz W. H. Libertyville
Scott C. (Mrs.) Abingdon
Scott Louis. P. Abingdon
Scott Samuel Packwood
Scovil George Libertyville
Seaburg John Glasgow
Sears Mary Brookville
Sears W. H. Batavia
Shaffer Jacob Salina
Shaffer John W. Pleasant Plain
Sharp Isaac Fairfield
Shaw Enos B. Fairfield
Shea John Batavia
Shearer F. J. Fairfield
Sheets Isaac Libertyville
Sheldon S. O. Fairfield
Shellman L. (Mrs.) Four Corners
Shelton Luther Abingdon
Shelton M. A. (Mrs.) Abingdon
Sherrick R. O. Libertyville
Shields Robert Fairfield
Shillingoski A. Germanville
Shillinska Casper Pleasant Plain
Shimanski Peter Pleasant Plain
Shipler J. H. Libertyville
Shirk W. D. Fairfield
Shoppa Henry Merrimac
Shrik A. F. Fairfield
Shuda Paul Pleasant Plain
Shy John Woolson
Simmons John Batavia
Simmons Rufus Pleasant Plain
Simmons W. L. S. Brookville
Simmons W. R. Four Corners
Simmosn W. G. Pleasant Plain
Simpson E. J. (Mrs.) Veo
Sims James County Line
Sinclair W. G. Fairfield
Sinks Jessie J. Libertyville
Sinn Andrew Germanville
Sinn Eleanor (Mrs.) Salina
Sinn Jacob A. Germanville
Sinn John Germanville
Skahill Patrick Fairfield
Skeers Charles Glasgow
Sleson H. H. Brookville
Slimmer Jacob N. Libertyville
Slimmer S. (Mrs.) Libertyville
Smith A. G. Lockridge
Smith Albert G. Germanville
Smith Andrew Batavia
Smith Antony Germanville
Smith C. A. Packwood
Smith Daniel Vega (Henry)
Smith Eric Lockridge
Smith F. M. Batavia
Smith G. L. Packwood
Smith Hamilton Libertyville
Smith Hiram Glasgow
Smith J. C. (Mrs.) Batavia
Smith Jacob Four Corners
Smith Jasper N. Ioka (Keokuk)
Smith John D. Abingdon
Smith John G. County Line
Smith M. K. Glasgow
Smith O. C. Abingdon
Smith R. M. Packwood
Smith S. Germanville
Smith S. J. Packwood
Smith Thos. Abingdon
Smith Thos. R. Abingdon
Smith W. R. Glendale
Smith W. Scott Fairfield
Smith Wm. Abingdon
Smithburg G. A. Four Corners
Snider Geo W. Birmingham (Van Buren)
Snider James Abingdon
Snider John Richland (Keokuk)
Snier G. Richland (Keokuk)
Snook Frank Fairfield
Snook Jacob Eldon (Wapello)
Snook Joseph Salina
Snook Oscar Fairfield
Snyder Geo W. Brighton (Washington)
Sonder George M. Fairfield
Speer Sarah (Mrs.) Fairfield
Spencer D. G. Fairfield
Spencer G. H. Veo
Spencer Mary (Mrs.) Baker
Spicer S. E. Abingdon
Spillman M. (Mrs.) Germanville
Staats Geo. W. Baker
Stacy Richard Brighton (Washington)
Staff Andrew Four Corners
Stallman W. A. Fairfield
Stamm D. F. Lockridge
Stanford John F. Brookville
Stants John P. Woolson
Starr C. J. Salina
Staub M. (Mrs.) Salina
Staubus Henry Fairfield
Stauts (or Stants) C. L. Veo
Steadwell Selah Glendale
Steel James Birmingham (Van Buren)
Steel Joseph E. Libertyville
Steel W. H. Ioka (Keokuk)
Stephan W. Germanville
Stephenson D. Fairfield
Stephenson F. M. Packwood
Stephenson Henry Eldon (Wapello)
Stephenson John Lockridge
Stephenson S. Lockridge
Stephenson S. (Mrs.) Brookville
Stepleton Jacob Batavia
Stever E. (Mrs.) Fairfield
Steward John M. Abingdon
Stewart Calvin Glasgow
Stewart D. H. Batavia
Stewart Eleazer Libertyville
Stewart J. M. Glendale
Stewart John B. Fairfield
Stewart Levi C. Glasgow
Stewart Robert Fairfield
Stewart W. W. Glendale
Stiles Donot Lockridge
Stiles Leah (Mrs.) Fairfield
Stillwell M. (Mrs.) Vega (Henry)
Stoner R. J. Fairfield
Stoner W. H. Fairfield
Stortz W. Germanville
Stout E. Fairfield
Stout E. (Mrs.) Glasgow
Stream John Germanville
Stuart Charles Woolson
Stuart Joshua Woolson
Stuart L. M. (Mrs.) Woolson
Stubbs John M. Ioka (Keokuk)
Stump C. M. Fairfield
Stump James W. Libertyville
Sturgis John W. Glasgow
Stutt D. A. County Line
Sullivan David S. Fairfield
Sullivan W. H. Fairfield
Summers Jos. W. Fairfield
Sunblad Samuel Four Corners
Sutton James A. Ioka (Keokuk)
Swanson August Perlee
Swanson Daniel Salina
Swanson Jonas Four Corners
Swanson Victor Lockridge
Switzer Owen Fairfield
Switzer Sarah (Mrs.) Fairfield

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