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1892 Farm Directory

The listing originally was printed with the names alphabetically under the listed post office. We are listing all of the names in alphabetical order with the post office following the name. Not all farm residents of Jefferson County had their post office in a community within Jefferson County. Where this was so we have listed the community in which their post office was located and have put the corresponding county in parentheses.

First Name
Post Office
Bain M. Z. Brighton (Washington)
Baker Emma (Mrs.) Brookville
Baker G. P. Baker
Balderson R. C. Pleasant Plain
Baldozier John Jr. Merrimac
Baldridge M. D. Batavia
Baldwin L. J. Fairfield
Baledozier Jacob Brighton (Washington)
Bales Josiah Pleasant Plain
Bales Rebecca (Mrs.) Pleasant Plain
Ball Frank Fairfield
Ball George W. Fairfield
Ball L. C. Fairfield
Ball W. C. Fairfield
Barnes F. J. Ioka (Keokuk)
Barnett John E. Brighton (Washington)
Barnett Peter Germanville
Barr Alonzo Fairfield
Barr John A. Fairfield
Barricklow Lee Brighton (Washington)
Barricklow W. L. Brighton (Washington)
Barris Stephen Abingdon
Barron John Packwood
Barron John H. Packwood
Barrow Henry Fairfield
Bartels M. (Mrs.) Abingdon
Bartholomew Wm. Brookville
Barton W. A. Fairfield
Bartow Alphens Baker
Bartow G. P. (Mrs.) Baker
Bates Joel D. Salina
Bates P. (Mrs.) Perlee
Bates Sarah E. (Mrs.) Fairfield
Bates W. H. Fairfield
Bates William Perlee
Baum Michael Vega (Henry)
Baumgartner A. Brighton (Washington)
Baumgartner C. Sr. Germanville
Baumgartner J. Germanville
Bayne John Packwood
Beakel Jacob Germanville
Beall A. R. Libertyville
Beck Charles Four Corners
Beecher Valentine Germanville
Bell John Fairfield
Benda Joseph Perlee
Benn A. P. Packwood
Benn R. W. Packwood
Bennett Ira Libertyville
Bennett J. P. Birmingham (Van Buren)
Bennett W. L. Packwood
Berdine Andrew Lockridge
Berdine John A. Lockridge
Berg Henry Germanville
Berger George Merrimac
Bergstrom Andrew Glasgow
Berrier Phillip Abingdon
Berry Isaac Salina
Bert Jeurima (Mrs.) Fairfield
Biard Sarah (Mrs.) Brookville
Bidwell L. J. Brighton (Washington)
Bigford Hiram Abingdon
Billingsley Elijah Glasgow
Billingsley Sam'l Glasgow
Birkgren Peter Salina
Birkheimer N. Fairfield
Bishop John Libertyville
Black George Sr. County Line
Black J. M. Fairfield
Black Jacob H. Abingdon
Black Joseph C. Perlee
Black Loman Selma (Van Buren)
Black P. E. Fairfield
Black Robert County Line
Black S. H. County Line
Black W. A. Ioka (Keokuk)
Black W. G. Fairfield
Black W. H. County Line
Blair James V. Libertyville
Blair Samuel F. Libertyville
Blakely O. C. Fairfield
Blakeny Joseph Fairfield
Blankhead Wm. Salina
Blixt G. Salina
Block W. H. Abingdon
Blough H. D. Fairfield
Bluhm Herman Fairfield
Bonnett G. M. Fairfield
Bonnett J. S. Fairfield
Bonnett W. L. Fairfield
Bonnette L. (Mrs.) Libertyville
Boos John Four Corners
Boos Mathias Germanville
Booth Isaac Fairfield
Booth Rachel (Mrs.) Fairfield
Bottorff F. M. Packwood
Bottorff Felix Packwood
Bottorff M. F. Packwood
Bottorff W. K. Packwood
Bowers * B. F. Glasgow
Bowers W. F. Libertyville
Bowles Lewis County Line
Bowman James S. Belleville
Bowman P. L. Four Corners
Boyd John Batavia
Boyner Veit Four Corners
Boysel Jacob Batavia
Boysel Noah Batavia
Bradfield Geo. Brookville
Bradfield S. H. Packwood
Bradfield Stephen Packwood
Bradfield Wesley Packwood
Bradshaw E. B. Batavia
Bradshaw Wm. Brookville
Bray Jeremiah Veo
Bray Sanford Baker
Brier William Salina
Bright John Salina
Brighton H. M. Brighton (Washington)
Brombaugh A. Vega (Henry)
Brood Lena (Mrs.) Salina
Brown C. N. Fairfield
Brown G. M. Libertyville
Brown John Batavia
Brown John U. Libertyville
Brown L. (Mrs.) Fairfield
Bruey Pacific Fairfield
Bruey Peter Fairfield
Bruey Richard Fairfield
Brundle Christian Lockridge
Bryant I. N. Fairfield
Bryant Robert Fairfield
Bryson C. Pleasant Plain
Buchanan W. Libertyville
Buercker Henry Sr. Brighton (Washington)
Burbage Joseph County Line
Burg Lewis Four Corners
Burk Frank Germanville
Burk George Germanville
Burke Henry Germanville
Burke Joseph Pleasant Plain
Burkhart J. G. Batavia
Burnaugh J. J. Libertyville
Burns Jas. Batavia
Burrows Thomas Fairfield
Bush David Fairfield
Byers John H Libertyville

  * Per Donna Bower Schmidt, great granddaughter, on 8/3/03, B.F. BOWERS on original transcription of Glasgow should be listed as B.F. BOWER.

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