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Salina Presbyterian Church

"Brighton Enterprise"
Saturday, July 14, 1906
Page 4, Column 3

Salina Presbyterian Church 50 year celebration.


"The Fairfield Ledger"
Thursday, July 9, 1931
Page 4, Colummn 3

Salina Presbyterian Church Dates Back Before Civil War

An old institution in Jefferson county is the Salina Presbyterian church, the members of which will celebrate the 75th anniversary, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The program starts Friday night with a community supper in the church at Salina.

The church at Salina has a long and honorable history. The first chapter is written into the minutes of the congregation by Rev. S. C. McCune, the first pastor and a member of the committee from the Presbytery sent out to organize the society

The minutes were written with a quill pen in the gaunt penmanship of that day with the old fashioned "s" looking like "f" and the spelling differing a bit from that of today.

And the first page reads as follows: "at a meeting held in Linn school house in Richwood in July 1856, by previous appointment for the organization of a Presbyterian church, the Rev. S. C. McCUNE and Wm. I. McKENNEY, a committee of the Presbytery of Iowa, appointed for the purpose procedure after public worship to organize the following named individuals into a church. Certificates were taken and names enrolled as follows: John PARK, Jane PARK, Andrew JOHNS(T)ON, Mary Ann JOHNS(T)ON, Mary JOHNS(T)ON, John CARSE, Mrs. John CARE, John DUNLAP, Elzabeth DUNLAP, John B. FOOTE, Mary E. FOOTE, Isaac GARMO and Mrs. WEBB.

"After the names were duly taken those present agreed that for the present they would elect but one elder accordingly several persons having been nominated vote taken, J. B. Foote was duly elected and having given his consent, was on the next day in connection with communion service duly ordained unto the office of ruling elder. The church was then declared to be duly organized in the name and style fot he Rich Woods was adopted as tytle."

Moved to Salina

It was soon discovered that Salina would be a better location for the seat of the congregation so a little later it was moved to that place as being more central, better facillies (sic) and better prospects for a church building. The services had been held at the Linn school house.

There was a hiatus in the minutes from December 20, 1861 to April 29, 1865, the gap being filled in with the going of many of the members to the Civil War and the strain and contribution to that strife.

But already the church had been planned and the building began, and the minutes were resumed on the day that the new church building was dedicated by Rev. S. C. McCune.

The list of Ministers

The following is the list of monisters, as culled from the faded old minute book of the congregation:
Rev. E. C. McCune -- 1856-7867
Rev. J. F. Condit -- 1867-1871
Rev. B. Wall -- 1871-1879
Rev. A. K. Names -- 1879-1884
Rev. E. J. Nugent -- 1884-1887
Rev. H. C. Keeley -- 1887-1889
Rev. J. F. Maggie -- 1889-
Rev. G'llespie
Rev. T. C. McCampbell
Rev. E. G. Byers -- 1905-1911
Rev. D. T. Dotsworth -- 1911-1__4
Rev. J. W. B. Jefferson -- 1914-1915
Rev. Reggan -- 1915-1916
Rev. G. A. Jonas -- 1916-1917
Rev. A. D. Rundell -- 1917-1920
Rev. J. Fred Campbell -- 1923-1928
Rev. William Roberts -- 1928-

One of the big days in the church was the celebration of the semisentenial, July 12, 1906 with a big crowd and a fine program.

At one time a windstorm blew off the belfry, taking the bell along and breaking the wheel. The church was restored, the bell repaired by the local blacksmith, and it was replaced in the belfry.

Rev. William Roberts, the present pastor of the church is Field Secretary of Parsons college and has served the church since January 1928 when free from college work and has seen that the pulpit has been supplied.

At the present time there is about $2,000 debt on the church which amount is carried by the Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian church U. S. A. This amount is being paid at the rate of $200 a year.


"The Fairfield Ledger"
Friday, July 6, 1956
Page 1, Column 1

Salina Presbyterian Church will mark Centennial at 3-Day Service....


"The Fairfield Ledger"
Wednesday, July 13, 1966
Page 10, Columns 7, 8, and 9

Church To Mark 110th Anniversary

The Salina Presbyterian Church, founded in 1856, will celebrate its 110th anniversary at special services Sunday, July 17.

A basket dinner will be held at noon Sunday following morning worship. Special afternoon and evening services are also planned.

Robert Dameron, New London lay preacher, is pastor of the church. An anniversary display is planned, including the original walnut pulpit, a Communion goblet, straw collection baskets, old song books, church records and early photographs.

The church was organized at the Lynn schoolhouse in July 1856, by S. C. McCuen and J. F. McKinney, representing the Presbytery of Iowa. Fourteen persons made up the church, including John B. FOOTE who was elected and ordained to the office of elder.

The church's original name was Richwoods Presbyterian Church. When a settlement began to grow at Salina, that name was adopted. The church was dedicated April 29, 1865 at services conducted by the Rev. S. C. McCuen.

Early members of the church include such family names as FOOTE, PARK, JOHNSON, CARSE, GARMOE, OGDEN and YOUNG. During its early years, much of the work of the church was carried on by William and Grier FOOTE, operating as home missionaries. They compiled a songbook, entitled "New Hymns" which included songs of their own composition.

The orginal building was a Quaker style church with aisles along the sides and a partition down the middle. The men sat on one side and the women on the other. The church was lighted by coal oil lamps and heated by a wood-burning stove.

At the turn of the century, the building was severely damaged by a windstorm. During the remodeling which followed, a center aisle was constructed covered with a red carpet. Gasoline lights were also installed, a surprising innovation at that time. No other church in the area was so illuminated. Some members felt safer outside while the lamps were being lit.

In 1906 the church observed its 50th anniversary under the leadership of William KRUMBOLTZ, Eber OGDEN and Mary LESHER. The Rev. E. G. BYERS was pastor. The present building was erected in 1921 and dedicated in 1922. The large picture windows were dedicated to John B. FOOTE and William KRUMBOLTZ.

The church celebrated its diamond jubilee in 1931 with the Rev. Tom Fred CAMPBELL of Ohio, a former pastor, as speaker. A centennial observance was held in 1956 under the leadership of Amos GLENDENNING, pastor.

Members of the church who have entered the ministry include the Rev. Glen SCHILLERSTROM, now retired and living in Florida; Rev. Paul REEDER, Harve, Mont.; Rev. Clarence ANDERSON, Leon; and Darrell HAWK, now studying for the mission field in Alberta, Canada.

The Salina Presbyterian Church currently contributes to the support of four missionaries. An active S.Y.F. holds meetings on Sunday evening. A prayer and Bible study group meets each Wednesday and an active Ladies Missionary Society meets once a month.


"The Fairfield Ledger"
Friday, August 12, 1966
Page 2, Column 6

First wedding in new Salina Presbyterian Church 40 years ago on Feb 14 1926, John REEDER & Ella SNOOK.


"The Fairfield (Ia.) Ledger"
Tuesday, June 22, 1976
Page 14, Columns 6, 7, and 8

120 Years For Church

SALINA -- Members of the Salina Presbyterian Church will celebrate the 120th anniversary of their church during ceremonies to be held at the church Sunday, July 4.

The history of the church, one of the oldest still in existance (sic) in Jefferson county, dates back to 1856 when early settlers organized their church in the Richwoods Neighborhood.

Since the territory had been opened for settlement in 1839, pioneer families had moved in from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Ireland Germany and Sweden.

Family names of those who organized the first church included PARK, JOHNSON, DUNLAP, FOOTE, GARMOE and WELB.

The Rev. S.C. McCane from the Presbytery of Iowa, conducted the organization. J.B. FOOTE was elected elder and clerk.

In 1860 the church was moved to Salina where it would be centrally located, and the name Salina Presbyterian Church was adopted. The first structure was erected.

Eber OGDEN, who came to Jefferson County from New Jersey in 1845, joined the church. He was instrumental in working out a deed dated Feb. 26, 1861, deeding the trustees of the church a plot of ground in Salina for the sum of $25. It was signed by Charles and Deborah KYLE.

The original building was erected at a cost of $1,200. It was a Quaker style building with an isle (sic) on each side of the room and a partition in the center. It was lighted with oil lamps.

John FOOTE served as elder and clerk until 1889 when he moved to Fairfield. His two sons, William and Grier, were an evangelistic team. They went about the country organizing churches and Sunday Schools.

William KRUMBOLTZ joined the church in 1884 and served as clerk and elder until his death in 1921.

At the turn of the century the church was partially destroyed by a windstorm. It was immediately restored and lighted with four gasoline lights. It was the first church in the county so lighted. It was also made sure there was a center isle (sic).

OGDEN served in the Mexican War and received a tract of land north of Salina for his service. He later served in the Civil War, receiving the rank of major. He formed a fife and drum corps which performed for a number of years. His fife is now a souvenir in the museum at the Fairfield Public Library.

OGDEN taught school for many years in the county and conducted the adult Sunday School Class at the Salina Church.

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