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Pleasant Grove Methodist Church
a/k/a Moyer Chapel
Southwest corner of Section 25, Blackhawk Twp.

"The Fairfield Ledger"
February 28, 1877
Page 3, Column 7


Editor Ledger:---
  I herewith send you "the short and simple annals of our neighborhood."

The season was not favorable for large crops, but all have enough to keep the wolf from the door, and some have corn to sell.

We have preaching once in two weeks at the M. E. Church by Rev. J. T. Coleman.

R. M. Moyer superintended our Sabbath School last season without missing one day. The school closed with a dinner, address by Rev. W. M. Sparr, music by the scholars, and other pleasant and instructive exercises.

The district school, in charge of Charles Harwood, has been a splendid success.

Wm. Templeton gave lessons in vocal music in the early part of the winter. Then the young folks organized a literary society, pronounced by competent judges a real success. Old and young responded when called upon. We would particularly comment three little misses -- Lillie Noble, Nelly Hewitt and Maggie Bonar -- the pride and pets of the school.

Frank Noble has finished his house, putting a cellar under the entire building.

A. C. Noble has added a kitchen to his dwelling. Geo. Knight has erected a barn 24x40. D. Bonar a barn 30x40. Gil. Hewitt is ready to build a barn 30x40.



"The Fairfield Ledger"
June 17, 1891
Page 3, Columns 7 and 8



  Editors Ledger:---The people of the "north prairie" are blessed with the promise of an abundance this year; everything gives evidence of a bountiful harvest and prosperity abounds on every hand. Improvements appear to be the order of the day, and whichever way we look over our beautiful prairies we see new buildings peeping out of the groves which surrounded the homes of the prosperous farmers. Our church, known as the Moyer church, has just received a fresh coat of paint; John M. Tarbill did the work, and the trustees, James Hedge, N. B. Regester, Will Hudgel, David Hedge and Thomas Davies, are highly pleased with the work, as the building looks better now than when finshed over seventeen years ago. Our church work received an impetus last winter under the labors of Rev. W. S. Moore, and the members feel encouraged over the future. Our Sunday school, superintended by Mrs. John Rodgers, is well attended and much interest is manifested in it.     A Member.


"The Fairfield Ledger"
Wednesday, December 23, 1896
Page 2, Column 2

Little Locals

... The Moyer church, five and a half miles north of town, will have a christmas tree and exercises Christmas eve. ...


"The Fairfield Tribune"
Wednesday, May 16, 1900
Page 6, Column 5

Buchanan Township.

May 15.-- ... Quarterly meeting at the Moyer church was very well attended. ...


"Brighton Enterprise"
August 10, 1901
Page 1, Column 6

Sigourney "News", July 31. MOYER CHURCH & CEMETERY.... The long row of graves of cholera victims was cleaned off and a substantial iron fence put up to protect them and serve as a memorial of the sad event of 50 years ago... Those now living and in attendance are Dudley Shaffer of Okla., Erastus F. of Fairfield, Mrs. Lydia Beatty of Delta, and one or two brothers of Nebr., and Miss Alta Shaffer, daughter of Eli S. of Tacoma, Neb....

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