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County Line Methodist Church
SEĽ of Section 7, Des Moines Township

Jefferson County Deed Book 19, Page 273
Dated 7 June 1876, Filed 21 June 1876.

Nicholas L. BONNETT & Isabel BONNETT his wife, of Jefferson County, State of Iowa, for.... $50.... sell and convey to J. W. HARRISON, S. C. PUMPHREY, Nicholas L. BONNETT, J. J. ACTON and W. S. GRAVES, Trustees of Pleasant Prairie Methodist Episcopal Church, Des Moines Township, Jefferson County, State of Iowa, appointed by the Quarterly Conference of Batavia Circuit held at Abingdon, Iowa Feb 19 1876.... the following described premises.... one acre in southwest corner of the S.E.Ľ of Sec. 7, Township 71, Range 11.... to be used for church purposes.


Jefferson County Deed Book 32, Page 33

M.E. Church of Pleasant Prairie, one acre in SW Corner SEĽ of SEĽ, Sec. 7, Twp. 71, R.11, thence East 16 rods (note: 1 rod = 16.5 feet), North 10 rods, West 16 rods, South 10 rods.

Referees Deed dated Oct. 15, 1883, filed Dec. 28 1883. Trustees: S. C. PUMPHREY, Marion HUGHELL, J. J. ACTON, Solon ELLMAKER and Coleman GRAVES.


"The Fairfield Ledger"
Friday, June 3, 1927
Page 8, Column 5

Plans for Homecoming at County Line M.E. Church next Sunday, June 5....


"The Fairfield Ledger"
Wednesday, June 15, 1927
Page 2, Column 1


Featured by Picnic Dinner And Interesting Program, June 5

Sunday, June 5, proved a Red Letter Day for County Line church, when an all day meeting was held as a Home Coming. Sunday school convened at 10 oclock with 35 in attendance. By the noon hour many more had arrived, all bringing well filled baskets and a fine picnic dinner was served cafeteria style from tables prepared on the church lawn.

The church was more than filled for the afternoon program which began at 2 oclock, the pastor, Rev. O. L. Allison, being in charge. Rev. Austin of Keosauqua gave the morning sermon also a talk in the afternoon, both being much enjoyed. Letters were read from Mr. and Mrs. Jay Burns and Mrs. Daugherty of South Dakota, former members of the congregation. Other numbers on the program were readings by the Misses Thelma Finch and Kathryn Rodibaugh; Duet, Mrs. Frances Hite and Miss Nellie Stull; Solo, Mrs. Fred Ornduff; two vocal duets by Prof. and Mrs. J. G. Parisho of Batavia and a ladies quartet by Mrs. Frances Hite, the Misses Nellie and Mildred Stull and Bernice Peebler. Volunteer speeches were then called for to which several responded.

It was then suggested to make this an annual affair and a vote taken which was unanimously in favor of the suggestion. The following committee was then appointed by the pastor to make the necessary arrangements, the date to be decided upon later. Mrs. Mary Acton, Mrs. Lizzie Stull, Mrs. Cora Ornduff, Mrs. W. C. Hunt and Mrs. William Deln.

Among those present from a distance were: Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCune and son Robert from Muscatine, Mr. McCune being a former superintendent of the County Line S.S., having left here about 8 years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Goehring and family of near Fremont; Mr. Marion Hughell Mr. and Mrs Hunt of Fairfield; Mrs. James Hayden Mrs. Kathryn Glotfelty, Mr. and Mrs. Art Hayden and children, Mrs. Brown and Mr. and Mrs. Jay Hayden all of Eldon; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Cummings and children and Mrs. Mary Gonterman of Ottumwa; Rev. and Mrs. Behrens and Mrs. D. Phillips and grandson Argonne, Mr and Mrs. Tom Creath and children, and Mrs. Creath of Agency; Mrs. Jesse Shelby and daughter Norma of Bladensburg. A goodly number were also present from Batavia, Libertyville and the Mt. Zion neighborhood. Altogether it was a day well spent and long to be remembered. --Contributed.


"The Fairfield Ledger"
Thursday, January 4, 1940
Page 2, Column 6

County Line Church may be brought to Batavia.

BATAVIA, Jan. 3 -- Although no definite steps have been taken by the trustees of the Methodist church, tentative plans are now to get permission from the Methodist conference to bring the County Line Methodist church to Batavia.

The length of the County Line church is the same as the width of the foundation of the church that burned here two weeks ago.

At least a part of the old church can be used in rebuilding here.

The County Line Methodist church has not been used for several years. The Wesleyan Guild have rented the Lowenberg office building, formerly occupied by Harry Clark, and will soon be prepared to hold suppers to help with the building fund.


"The Fairfield Ledger"
Thursday, June 22, 1950

Page Three, Columns 1 and 2


Church-going residents of Southwest Jefferson county will attend a religious gathering and service next Sunday, June 25, which has been staged annually in that community for more than a half century.

It is the Des Moines Township Sunday school convention which will be held this year at the Church of the Brethern (sic) located four miles northwest of Libertyville. An all-day program of worship and fellowship is being planned by the officers of the association.

The day's activities will start with union Sunday school services at 9:45 a.m., followed by the morning worship service, a basket dinner during the noon hour, further worship in the afternoon, and a business session at the close of the program.

Although they have records of the convention since 1899, more than a half century ago, present officers are certain the annual Sunday school convention dates back even farther than that date.

At that time there were four rural churches in the township, all cooperating in the annual gathering. Although no attendance records are available for those early meetings, it is estimated that as high as 500 persons gathered to participate in the summer program of worship.

Now there are only two church left to carry on the traditional service. They are the host church this year, the Church of the Brethren, and Mt. Zion Methodist church located about six miles southwest of Libertyville in the extreme southwest corner of the county.

Two of the original four churches have been torn down. First to bow out of the picture was the Fairview Baptist church located about mid-center of Des Moines township. The last township convention was held there in 1913, and a short time later it was closed and torn down.

The other church was the County Line Methodist church located two miles south of Batavia. Some years ago its congregation united with the Batavia Methodist church and the rural church edifice was town down in 1941. The last township convention was held there in 1935.

But the other two remaining churches are ably carrying on the annual convention. Alternating from one church to the other year after year, the two congregations still meet in a convention that was started before the turn of the century.

Following the Union Sunday school services at 9:45 a.m. next Sunday, Rev. Elis Angle, pastor of the host church, will deliver the morning sermon. Special music will be presented by the Mt. Zion church and Kenneth Carr will lead the congregation in community singing.

A basket dinner will be held during the noon hour, begining (sic) at 12:30 p.m., after which will be another period of community singing and devotions. The afternoon songfest will be led by Nellie Davisson.

Rev. John W. Ballenski, pastor from Delta, Iowa, will deliver the sermon during the afternoon services. Before the activities close, the convention will hear a report of the nominating committee, and new officers will be installed.

Ivo Hunt, president of the association, will conduct the business session. Mrs. Paul Sommers is secretary.

Following are officers and workers of the host church: Glenn Buckingham, superintendent; Mrs. Everett Glotfelty, supt. of juniors; Mrs. Paul Sommers, beginners; Mrs. Warren Davis, primary; Mrs. Wayne Carr, juniors; Paul Sommers, young people; Rev. Wayne Carr, young adults; Lee Carr, junior adult Bible class; J. E. Manning, adult Bible class.


"The Fairfield Ledger"
Monday, March 3, 1941
Page 1, Column 8

Methodist County Line Church Will Be Sold

BATAVIA, March 3--Next Thursday afternoon another one of the small country churches will be sold over the auction block when the Methodist church at County Line is to be sold to the highest bidder. The time is 2 o'clock.

This church was built at moderate cost by about 20 families in 1876, who had outgrown the small schoolhouse. All of the lumber was cut and hewn from their own timbers, the land donated as well as most of the work.

Isabel BONNETT, who donated the land, deeded it to the trustees of the church who at that time were J. J. ACTON, S. C. PUMPHREY, Solon ELLMAKER, Coleman GRAVES, and Marion HUGHELL. Only one of the charter members is still living, Mrs. J. J. ACTON who will celebrate her 90th birthday Sept. 14. The first minister was the Rev. Mr. GROOMS. John HARRISON was the choir leader and donated the first organ. Mr. PUMPHREY was Superintendent of the Sunday school for more than 30 years and Mrs. ELMAKER was a teacher in the Sunday school the same length of time.

Originally the church was known as the Pleasant Prairie church and was in the Eldon and Ashland district. Later it was changed to the Batavia charge. The Batavia Methodist minister held meetings each Sunday afternoon or of alternate Sundays.

About five years ago the Rev. J. W. MATHENY made an effort to revive the church and held a meeting at the church in charge of the Harper evangelistic group of Fairfield, however without success. It was found easier for the few who attended to drive to Batavia over the surfaced roads than to keep up the old church.

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