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Switzer Family Cemetery
Buchanan Township, Section 16

A listing of the names and personal data of the persons buried in the Switzer Family Cemetery along with other information can be found on the page below.

While compiling the cemetery listings to provide you with as much information as possible we found it necessary to add an INDEX TO SOURCE INFORMATION. We have made special effort to show from which source the information was obtained in order for you to document the information.

Since this information has been transcribed several times and its accuracy may be flawed we encourage you to verify this information with all primary information available to you.

Primary source transcribed by Bill Rathbun from: Jefferson County Records,Volume 1, pg 114, by Mary & Orville Prill.
Additional sources may be noted in the Src column.
2 = Jefferson County Iowa - 77 Cemeteries - 1839-Dec. 1990 by Verda J. Baird - pub. July 1995.
3 = Obituary. Click on number to view.
4 = Biography. Click on number to view.
5 = Document. Click on number to view
6 = Family Group Sheet. Click on number to view

*   = Birth date calculated from death date and age shown on stone
**  = Found in other source listed.
*** = No tombstone.

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This cemetery updated through 2005 courtesy of index cards kept by Verda Baird, and from 2006 forward by Joey Stark from Fairfield Ledger obituaries.


Given Name
Maiden Name
DOWNING Minnie Belle   7 Jan 1878* 21 Apr 1879 1y 3m 14d   Dau of J.M. & E.A.  
MULKINS Linorah Belle EDWARDS 2 Aug 1865 27 Jun 1956 90 yrs 1)Frank SWITZER;
Jesse in Evergreen Cem. [3]
ROGERS Eldon C.   1925 22 Oct 1994   Eloise SWITZER    
ROGERS Eloise Ann SWITZER 1 Sep 1918 2 Feb 2009 90 yrs Eldon C. ROGERS   [3]
SWITZER Annie E. DUNCAN 22 Jan 1894 27 Apr 1981   Clarence D. SWITZER Married 8 Oct 1913; Eastern Star; Parents of Frank - Helen - Eloise - Warren - Doris  
SWITZER Clarence D   27 May 1891 21 June 1980   Annie E. DUNCAN Married 8 Oct 1913; Mason; Parents of Frank - Helen - Eloise - Warren - Doris  
SWITZER David   26 Oct 1815 17 Apr 1876   Sarah J. KELTNER West face of stone [5]
SWITZER Ellen (Sarah Ellen)   11 Oct 1849 8 Feb 1857     Dau of David & Sarah - West face of stone  
SWITZER Frank   10 Feb 1844 29 Nov 1899   Linorah B. MULKINS Father [5]
SWITZER Jonathan   6 Jul 1809 15 Jul 1868     East face of stone  
SWITZER Linorah Belle EDWARDS 2 Aug 1865 27 Jun 1956 90 yrs 1)Frank SWITZER;
Jesse in Evergreen Cem. [3]
SWITZER Mary Elaine   17 Nov 1949 13 Jul 2006   Unmarried Dau of W. & M.  
SWITZER Mary Maxine JONES       Warren D. SWITZER Living as of July 2009  
SWITZER Minnie   6 Jun 1865 14 Apr 1879     Dau of David & Sarah - West face of stone  
SWITZER Sarah Ellen   11 Oct 1849 8 Feb 1857 7y 3m 27d   Dau of D. & S.J.; individual stone  
SWITZER Sarah Jane KELTNER 24 Oct 1825 26 May 1916   David SWITZER West Face of stone  
SWITZER Warren Duncan   17 Nov 1919 29 May 2008 88 yrs Mary M. JONES   [3]
VANCE Sarah KELTNER 17 Aug 1791 Nov 1865     East face of stone; sis of Henry KELTNER  

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