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Mt. Zion Cemetery

Location: Round Prairie Township, section 8. Located at the intersection of Teak and 239th Street next to the Mt. Zion Cumberland Presbyterian Church. In October, 2012, the church was burned down. (see township map.)

Burials: 1839 to present

Condition: Fourteen stones leaning, fallen or piled in a heap.

Mowed: Periodically mowed.

Photo taken Sept. 23, 2001

Photos of the Mt. Zion Cumberland Presbyterian Church, in 1998 and about 2006. This was the oldest original church building in the county that was still standing, having been built in 1858. It had fallen into disuse and was sold around 2000, and the buyer removed windows, blackboards, and ceiling fixtures before abandoning it. The building was again sold about 2005 but by then raccoons had taken it over, and holes were cut in the roof to discourage them from living there. In October, 2012, Township Trustees had the Lockridge Fire Department burn it as practice. No signs were erected in its memory, and no photos or stories printed in "The Fairfield Ledger" to note its destruction. A sad loss of a historic building.

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