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Koons Family Cemetery

Location: Locust Grove Township, Section 23. Per courthouse land records it is in NW 1/4 of section 23. (see township map.)

Burials: 1838 to 1879

Condition: Seven stones' inscriptions were copied by Melvin Mullikin, a farmer who lived nearby, in the 1970s. There are about six more graves that have never had markers.

Mowed: N/A - This cemetery is in the middle of what is now (as of August, 2015) a flat farm field. From the 1930s to 1950s this area was a woodlot. In the 1960s clearing began and from the 1970s through about 1983 it was a pasture. In 1986 or 1987, a new farm owner (now deceased) removed the stones and plowed the field over. The bodies were never moved, and what became of the stones is not known.


As of January, 2016, the farm again has new owners. The existence of the cemetery is recognized in the new deed, and in March, through the efforts of descendants of those buried here and others, the land was surveyed to locate the corners of the cemetery. In April, posts were placed at the corners, and work is underway to locate the gravesites.

Photo courtesy of David Lewis, a descendant of the Koons Family, August, 2015.

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