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Center Township, Section 26

A listing of the names and personal data of the persons buried in the Memorial Lawn Cemetery in Fairfield along with other information can be found on the pages linked to this index.

While compiling the cemetery listings to provide you with as much information as possible we may have found it necessary to add an INDEX TO SOURCE INFORMATION. We have made special effort to show from which source the information was obtained in order for you to document the information. A key to the sources will be found on each page.

The Memorial Lawn Cemetery is located in Fairfield on West Burlington. Most of this information was collected by Verda Baird and Janet Roberts of Fairfield. Their sources were local obituaries, index cards kept by Verda and the card files at the office of the Memorial Lawn Cemetery in Ottumwa, IA, who also manages the Fairfield Memorial Lawn Cemetery as well as Memorial Park Cemetery in Burlington. We are grateful to Joey Stark for transcribing their work for our website.

In June, 2011, a burial listing for this cemetery was discovered on the internet and compared with our listing, with the result of about 30 people being added to our pages. In addition, numerous errors in this found listing were noted, most with regard to the spelling of the deceased's names. It should be noted that we also had records of approximately 100 people interred here who were not on their list. This office is not the friendliest to deal with from a genealogy standpoint and the gaps in lot numbers and some dates on our pages may take some time to be filled.

Surnames have been divided into groups as shown in the table below. If a letter appears to be missing it is because there are no surnames beginning with that letter.


A - B
D - E
F - G
I - K
L - M
N - P
T - Z
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