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Altman Cemetery
Keokuk County, Jackson Township, Section 36

We regret that after we received the following information we failed to note from whom we had received it. We share it with you just as we have received it. We felt it could well be helpful to researchers whose ancestors lived in Polk or Black Hawk Townships in Jefferson County, since the cemetery is very near the northern borders of those townships.

Altman cemetery is in Keokuk County, Jackson Twp., section 36. It is on the south side of hwy. 78, just east of the Packwood junction. There is a sign in the fence row and the cemetery is down a lane.

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 ROW 1
RUSH, JOSEPH J., died May 08, 1897,age 74yr 1mo 15da
ANDREWS, (NO NAME), June 20, 1882, age 8yr 8mo 16da, son of Thomas & Mary

POTTER, CLARENCE, died May 13, 1887, age 2yr 9da, son of D. & F.
ALTMAN, LILLIE J, died Aug. 26, 1874, aged 6 days, dau of S. & S.
ALTMAN, IDA A., died April 25 1896, age 25yr 8mo 23da, dau of S. & S.
RUSH, CATHARINE, died August 28 1888, age 69ys 8ms
RUSH, J. J., no dates
STRUBLE, MAGGIE, July 4, 1862 - Apr. 16 1908

ALTMAN, JOHN C., died July 30 1865, age 4mo 25da, son of A. & E.
ALTMAN, ANDREW, Aug. 6 1879, aged 88y 8m 22d, husband of AMELIA
ALTMAN, ANNAMARY, died (stone broken at date) 1864, age 72ys 1mo 12ds, wife of A.
HARMON, SARAH A., May 23 1861, age 11mo 25da, dau of J. & S.
HARMON, INFANT, born and died Sept. 4 1866, dau of J. & S.
HARMON, SARAH, September 10 1866, age 41yr 6m 03da, wife of John

WELCH, MARGARET, August 25 1873, age 73yr 11mo
DOVENSPIKE, ANNA PENCE, born Mar. 12, 1818, died Feb. 14, 1899, wife of 1)John DOVENSPIKE and 2)John W. POWER

DOVENSPIKE, SUSANAH, May 28 1877, age 32 yr 9mo 22da, wife of Philip (spelled with one 'l' here)
DOVENSPIKE, SARAH, died June 2 1872, aged 3y 6m 7d, dau of P. & S.
DOVENSPIKE, PHILLIP (spelled with two 'l's here), May 24, 1838 - May 20, 1907

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