1892 Farm Directory
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Of Jefferson County, Iowa

Are you trying to see if one of your ancestors was in Jefferson County in the early 1890s?  Since the 1890 US Census is not available to us, one place to look for an ancestor is in city and county directories.  We have been fortunate to receive a transcribed copy of the Jefferson County Section of "Farmers of Iowa: a list of farmers of each county with post office, 1892."   The complete directory may be found on an LDS film per the following info: Farmers of Iowa: a list of farmers of each county with postoffice, 1892, LDS microfilm 1024846 item 4. This directory has 1,644 farm families listed.  We are very grateful to Cathy Joynt Labath for securing and transcribing the Directory for us.

The listing originally was printed with the names alphabetically under the listed post office.  We are listing all of the names in alphabetical order with the post office following the name.  Not all farm residents of Jefferson County had their post office in a community in Jefferson County.  Where this was so we have listed the community in which their post office was located and have put the county in parentheses.

Listed below are the pages broken into surname groups.  Click on the first letter of the surname for which you are searching.  If a letter appears to be missing it is because there are no surnames listed beginning with that letter.
Good luck in your search.

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