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The following is a chapter from "The History of Jefferson County, Iowa", Pages 244-247, published by the Western Historical Company of Chicago in 1879.




was organized at Burlington, and mustered into the United States service May 3, 1861, with Fitz Henry Warren, of Burlington, as Colonel; Chas. E. Moss, of Keokuk, as Lieutenant Colonel; and E. W. Chamberlain, of Burlington, James O. Gower, of Iowa City, and W. M. G. Torrence, of Keokuk, as Majors. Company A was from Lee, Van Buren and Wapello Counties; Company B, from Clinton County; Company C, from Des Moines and Lee Counties; Company D, from Madison and Warren Counties; Company E, from Henry County; Company F, from Johnson and Linn Counties; Company G, from Dubuque and Black Hawk Counties; Company H, from Lucas and Morrison Counties; Company I, from Wapello and Des Moines Counties; Company K, from Allamakee and Clayton Counties; Company L, from Dubuque and other counties; Company M, from Clinton County. It was engaged at Pleasant Hill, Mo.; Rolla, New Lexington, Elkins' Ford, Little Rock, Bayou Metoe, Warrensburg, Big Creek Bluffs, Antwineville, Clear Creek, etc. Was mustered out at Austin, Texas, February 15, 1866.


was organized with W. L. Elliott, of the regular army, as Colonel; Edward Hatch, of Muscatine, as Lieutenant Colonel; and N. P. Hepburn, of Marshalltown, D. E. Coon, of Mason City, and H. W. Love, of Iowa City, as Majors, and was mustered into the United States service at Davenport September 1, 1861. Company A was from Muscatine County; Company B, from Marshall County; Company C, from Scott County; Company D, from Polk County; Company E, from Scott County; Company F, from Hamilton and Franklin Counties; Company G, from Muscatine County; Company H, from Johnson County; Company I, from Cerro Gordo, Delaware and other counties; Company K, from Des Moines County; Company L, from Jackson County, and Company M, from Jackson County. The Second Cavalry participated in the following military movements: Siege of Corinth, battles of Farmington, Booneville, Rienzi, Iuka, Corinth, Coffeeville, Palo Alto, Birmingham, Jackson, Grenada, Collierville, Moscow, Pontotoc, Tupelo, Old Town, Oxford, and engagements against Hood's march on Nashville, battle of Nashville, etc. Was mustered out at Selma, Ala., September 19, 1865.


was organized and mustered into the United States service at Keokuk, in August and September, 1861, with Cyrus Bussey, of Bloomfield, as Colonel; H. H. Bussey, of Bloomfield, as Lieutenant Colonel, and C. H. Perry, H. C. Caldwell and W. C. Drake, of Corydon, as Majors. Companies A and E were from Davis County; Company B, from Van Buren and Lee Counties; Company C, from Lee and Keokuk Counties; Company D, from Davis and Van Buren Counties; Company F, from Jefferson County; Company G, from Van Buren County; Company H, from Van Buren and Jefferson Counties; Company I, from Appanoose County; Company K, from Wapello and Marion Counties; Company L, from Decatur County, and Company M, from Appanoose and Decatur Counties. It was engaged in the following battles and skirmishes: Pea Ridge, La Grange, Sycamore, near Little Rock, Columbus, Pope's Farm, Big Blue, Ripley, Coldwater, Osage, Tallahatchie, Moore's Mill, near Montevallo, near Independence, Pine Bluff, Botts' Farm, Gun Town, White's Station, Tupelo, Village Creek. Was mustered out of United States service at Atlanta, Ga., August 9, 1865.


was organized with Asbury B. Porter, of Mount Pleasant, as Colonel; Thomas Drummond, of Vinton, as Lieutenant Colonel; S. D. Swan, of Mount Pleasant, J. E. Jewett, of Des Moines, and G. A. Stone, of Mount Pleasant, as Majors, and mustered into United States service at Mount Pleasant November 21, 1861. Company A was from Delaware County; Company C, from Jefferson and Henry Counties; Company D, from Henry County; Company E, from Jasper and Poweshiek Counties; Company F, from Wapello County; Company G, from Lee and Henry Counties; Company H, from Chickasaw County; Company I, from Madison County; Company K, from Henry County; Company L, from Des Moines and other counties; and Company M, from Jefferson County. The Fourth Cavalry lost men in the following engagements: Guntown, Miss.; Helena, Ark.; near Bear Creek, Miss.; near Memphis, Tenn.; Town Creek, Miss.; Columbus, Ga.; Mechanicsburg, Miss.; Little Blue River, Ark.; Brownsville, Miss.; Ripley, Miss.; Black River Bridge, Miss.; Grenada, Miss.; Little Red River, Ark.; Tupelo, Miss.; Yazoo River, Miss.; White River, Ark.; Osage, Kan.; Lick Creek, Ark.; Okalona, Miss.; St. Francis River, Ark. Was mustered out at Atlanta, Ga., August 10, 1865. [Ed. note: Company B is not mentioned.]


was organized at Omaha with Wm. W. Lowe, of the regular army, as Colonel; M. T. Patrick, of Omaha, as Lieutenant Colonel; and C.S. Bernstein, of Dubuque, as Major, and mustered in September 21, 1861. Companies A, B, C and D were mostly from Nebraska; Company E, from Dubuque County; Company F, from Des Moines, Dubuque and Lee Counties; Company G, from Minnesota; Company H, from Jackson and other counties; Companies I and K were from Minnesota; Company L, from Minnesota and Missouri; Company M, from Missouri; Companies G, I and K were transferred to Minnesota Volunteers Feb. 25, 1864. The new company G was organized from veterans and recruits and Companies C, E, F and I of Fifth Iowa Infantry, and transferred to Fifth Cavalry August 8, 1864. The second Company I was organized from veterans and recrits and Companies A, B, D, G, H and K of the Fifth Iowa Infantry, and transferred to Fifth Iowa Cavalry August 18, 1864. Was engaged at second battle of Fort Donelson, Wartrace, Duck River Bridge, Sugar Creek, Newnan, Camp Creek, Cumberland Works, Tenn.; Jonesboro, Ebenezer Church, Lockbridge's Mills, Pulaski, Cheraw, and mustered out at Nashville, Tenn., August 11, 1865.


was organized with D. S. Wilson, of Dubuque, as Colonel; S. M. Pollock, of Dubuque, as Lieutenant Colonel; T. H. Shephard, of Iowa City, E. P. Ten-Broeck, of Clinton, and A. E. House, of Delhi, as Majors, and was mustered in at Davenport, January 31, 1863. Company was from Scott and other counties; Company B, from Dubuque and other counties; Company C, from Fayette County; Company D, from Winneshiek County; Company E, from Southwest counties of the State; Company F, from Allamakee and other counties; Company G, from Delaware and Buchanan Counties; Company H, from Linn County; Company I, from Johnson and other counties; Company K, from Linn County; Company L, from Clayton County; Company M, from Johnson and Dubuque Counties. The Sixth Cavalry operated on the frontier against the Indians. Was mustered out at Sioux City, October 17, 1865.


was organized at Davenport, and mustered into the United States service April 27, 1863, with S. W. Summers, of Ottumwa, as Colonel; John Pattee, of Iowa City, as Lieutenant Colonel; H. H. Heath and G. M. O'Brien, of Dubuque, and John S. Wood, of Ottumwa, as Majors. Companies A, B, C and D, were from Wapello and other counties in immediate vicinity; Companies E, F, G and H, were from all parts of the State; Company I, from Sioux City and known as Sioux City Cavalry; Company K was originally Company A of the Fourteenth Infantry and afterward Company A of the Forty-first Infantry, was from Johnson and other counties; Company L was originally Company B, of the Forty-first Infantry and afterward Company B, of the Forty- ------ (sic), and was from Johnson County; Company M was originally Company C, of the Fourteenth Infantry, and afterward Company C, of the Forty-first and from Des Moines and other counties. The Seventh Cavalry operated against the Indians. Excepting the Lieutenant colonel and Companies K, L and M, the regiment was mustered out at Leavenworth, Kansas, May 17, 1866. Companies K, L and M were mustered out at Sioux City, June 22, 1866.


was organized with J. B. Dorr, of Dubuque, as Colonel; H. G. Barner, of Sidney, as Lieutenant Colonel; John J. Bowen, of Hopkinton, J. D. Thompson, of Eldora, and A. J. Price, of Guttenburg, as Majors, and were mustered in at Davenport September 30, 1863. The companies were mostly from the following counties: Company A, Page; B, Wapello; C, Van Buren; D. Ringgold; E, Henry; F, Appanoose; G, Clayton; H, Appanoose; I, Marshall; K, Muscatine; L. Wapello; M, Polk. The Eighth did a large amount of duty guarding Sherman's communications, in which it had many small engagements. It was in the battles of Lost Mountain, Lovejoy's Station, Newnan, Nashville, etc. Was on Stoneman's cavalry raid around Atlanta, and Wilson's raid through Alabama. Was mustered out at Macon, Ga., August 13, 1865.


was mustered in at Davenport, November 30, 1863, with M. M. Trumbull, of Cedar Falls, as Colonel; J. P. Knight, of Mitchell, as Lieutenant Colonel; E. T. Ensign, of Des Moines, Willis Drummond, of McGregor, and William Haddock, of Waterloo, as Majors. Company A was from Muscatine County; Company B, Linn County; Company C, Wapello and Decatur Counties; Company D, Washington County; Company E, Fayette County; Company F, Clayton County; Companies G and H, various counties; Company I, Wapello and Jefferson Counties; Company K, Keokuk County; Company L, Jasper and Marion Counties; Company M, Wapello and Lee Counties. Was mustered out at Little rock, Ark., February 28, 1866.

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