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Adoption of Children

The following is a chapter from "The History of Jefferson County, Iowa", Page 303, published by the Western Historical Company of Chicago in 1879.



Any person competent to make a will can adopt as his own the minor child of another. The consent of both parents, if living and not divorced or separated, and if divorced or separated, or if unmarried, the consent of the parent lawfully having custody of the child; or if either parent is dead, then the consent of the survivor, or if both parents be dead, or the child have been and remain abandoned by them, then the consent of the Mayor of the city where the child is living, or if not in the city, then of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the county shall be given to such adoption by an instrument in writing, signed by party or parties consenting, and stating the names of the parties, if known, the name of the child, if known, and declaring the name by which the child is thereafter to be called and known, and stating, also, that such child is given to the person adopting, for the purpose of adoption as his own child.

The person adopting shall also sign said instrument, and all the parties shall acknowledge the same in the manner that deeds conveying lands shall be acknowledged.

The instrument shall be recorded in the office of the County Recorder.

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